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Dwarf Hamsters - help!


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So we now have two dwarf hamsters, and under advice: a cage, lots of toys, bedding, sawdust, disinfectant etc purchased from a pet shop at Hillsborough.


They are very cute and seem to be well behaved......but within 3 hours of getting them home, one of them had escaped from the cage. Really? Yes, really. We found her, and eventually ended up putting the whole cage in a vast plastic tub overnight just in case she did it again.. And she did! It seems the cage supplied by the pet shop is not suitable for this hamster.


So I'm a bit miffed that the hamster and the cage supplied by the pet shop are not suitable for each other. The cage came free with the hamster - or perhaps it was the other way around, OH did it all. He rang them today and they suggested we 'wait and see' - Hamster is 6 weeks old, it's possible she may grow and hence be too big to fit through the bars. Of course, she said, we could buy a different cage, but it'll cost more. ?


How much more growing should we expect?


(We are still considering guinea pigs!)

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It's an oblong split level one, with a solid plastic base and black coated wire top. The wires seem to range from 10-12mm apart. We've tried to block up the larger spaces. The shop told us this was the smallest gauge cage they do.


The hamsters - one in particular - are very determined.

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They won't grow much at all. I had these and had a cage from pets at home, it was plastic with a fine gryll wired lid, it was perfect as it was two tiered, from what I remember it didn't cost much.


If it gets out again if you get a bucket and put a little bowl of water in that and put a little wire ladder the side (or any sort of ramp) they're naturally attracted to water so will climb up fall in and won't get back out,

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