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  1. £5 one rod only, pretty sure no match this week but will say on website, method feeders good, meat or pellet. Definitely go on the top pond
  2. I fish there twice a week, at the moment the IDE are really feeding well so targeting them on worm/caster they are also taking meat well at the moment, the carp are just starting to slow down abit for spawning but they are tucked well away in the reeds most of the time so getting tight into them in best, I'd say if conditions stay as they are then pegs 4,5,6 are the ones you want, if we get abit of warmth them 9,10,11,12 are good, those 4 are also completely sheltered making them great pegs on windy days. Hope this helps
  3. I go every week, top pond is stocked with Carp upto 20lb IDE up to 3lb Perch up to 4lb Roach to 1.5lb Rudd Barbel Crucians Tench Through the winter I've had days where I've only targeted the silvers,fished about 2metres out and have normally over 15 lb in a few hours, days where I've gone for the carp I always get a few, dobbing bread to the islands with bread is working best at the moment but when it warms up pellets work the best, had a few perch over 2 lb this year and plenty of carp. They used to do some opens but not sure if they do anymore, give Jeremy a ring More info on here http://carterhallfishery.webs.com/home.htm
  4. I like the sound of harlsthorpe dam, what's the best pegs to fish and bait to use this time of year?
  5. Everything you need to know http://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles_51/fishless-cycling-article.htm
  6. So where would you lot say is best for some decent winter roach and skimmers around Sheffield?
  7. Thanks everyone for the info, will try to go in the next few weeks, maybe wait for it to warm up a bit
  8. Thinking of trying it soon, stable lake seems to be the best for silvers this time of year, I have never fished it so can anyone tell me what are the best methods to use and what pegs fish best this time of year? Thanks
  9. Wards garden centre in coal Aston, big cafe and tropical centre
  10. Have previously asked for anywhere to sell them but couldn't find anywhere. They are marble/koi angelfish, I have a breeding pair about 2.5years old and they're 6 young, (they pair is in my profile picture and the young very closely resemble them) I want to rehome the pair together but will sell the young in smaller numbers, If you have any shops that will take them please tell me, Havant got a price in mind but pm me if interested, Thanks
  11. Are there any junior fishing clubs in or around Sheffield? Thanks
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