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Cbeebies Balamory


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Balamory is a kiddies tv programme that I'm forced to watch with young un's at lunchtimes. It's not a bad idea for a programme (a Scottish village by the sea with afew different characters all hanging around the nursery & a policeman so camp he'd make Bambi look like Mufasa)


The only problem I have with it is a character called Archie. He is meant to be an eccentric inventor who lives in a pink castle. Now, it's a great character to be able to play and you think they would have picked someone with abit of get-up & go, some zing! but nope - they have the most boring, monotoned 20 year old oaf doing it I've ever set eyes on.


He seems embarrassed when singing the songs, talks way to quietly and is plain boring. And to top it all off, he wears a kilt to make him look traditionally scottish, but he has the poshest, snobby, queens accent ever!? :huh:


Rant over lol :D

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It's even worse when you see him doing adult stand up.... all you can think of is... that's Archie the inventor.. he knows how things are done......


lol yes i think that too - but having said that I think he should stick to being Archie coz I dont rate his comedy at all.

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