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  1. Hope Prutts & Leon bang a few in tommorrow. Good luck to Scunny with the Owls connections, hope they can pick up their season with a good win.
  2. You dont care but thanks for the reply and 'dig' to a personal opinion on a public forum.
  3. Billy, his post was pure comedy mate. Leave them alone to jump up and down at a fonejacker moment, it's actually quite entertaining seeing their excitement :hihi:
  4. Have to say a MASSIVE Happy Birthday to Yorkshire's Finest team! Sheffield Wednesday as I was on my second ban. Heres to another 145 years! Up The Mighty Blue & White Championship Owls!
  5. Reading some of the fans forums of Watford, they are gutted he's gone and think it's a big mistake. Some saying Taylor was their best player. Oh well, their loss, our gain. UTMO!
  6. I think personally, the naming of a stand at uniteds ground is pretty much embarrassing and jumping on the publicity bandwagon. I know a few blades who are also cringing at this.
  7. Isn't that when united were formed?... apologies, just checked, 1889 you can see I don't take much notice of your embarrassing little team.
  8. Back on topic. The Jessica Ennis Stand, very embarrassing for all parties I think. But thats united in a nutshell I suppose. Embarrassing Sheffield since 1889.
  9. Don't worry Paul Blade & Bassett Boys, keep the insults coming, I'm one of the few who can take it. I've kind of got used to how this forum works now, if you're a blade you can post a comic banter video, but an Owl posts a pic of the same thing, it's removed. You two personally insult and mock someone and it's left on. A very sad bunch and definately 'different gravy'
  10. Oh dear, so it's true living off others glory, how embarrassing. Hope Jessica knows about it :hihi:
  11. United usually going a goal behind was always announced with a Shhhhhhhh..... Before it do everyone went quiet, then cheered when it showed their score line.
  12. Bypass, the glory is in the making mate. I'm surprised a blade doesn't think it's glory though, having been knocked out by Burton Albion in the 1st round I would have thought 2nd round would have been glory to you league oners!
  13. We'll get the Shhhhhhhhh......T in 3D LOL! :hihi:
  14. Have to disagree with you, we were all over them, we made a premier league team look very poor, even though we had half a team out (I know they rested players too), but we bossed the game, they ended up fouling us because they couldn't get the ball. Did you go to the game?
  15. You mean a little something like this maybe? MASSIVE SCOREBOARD :hihi: UTMO!!
  16. I've heard from a friend at Hillsborough that our glorious old scoreboard has now been removed to be replaced by a newer version. Just gotta say that scoreboard is a part of Hillsborough history, it's seen every game and every player for the past 30 odd years, in fact it puts most fans to shame. It's given us moments of tension, excitement and joy! we've all looked at it biting our nails in the 90th minute, we've all watched it with crossed fingers and baited breath, it has been there through promotions, relegations and managers & chairmans! That old-age piece of hi-tech electronic gadgetry was the height of technology in it's time, I for one am sad to see it go, but in the end, it needed to go, like all the best players, it finally bowed out to newer, younger, better.
  17. a comment insulting me, replying to a comment insulting me nice.
  18. I think the point everyone is missing here is, is Jessica Ennis actually happy with this? unless she agree's it's pointless argueing about it. I'm sure she is used to success and working at the highest level so would probably not want to be associated with a place like that.
  19. Hudds now have £8m to blow according to reports Jordan Rhodes gone to Blackburn, they could be serious contenders now.
  20. I don't name & shame, and I don't report for nothing banter mate. That is something I leave for the lesser minded folk on here to enjoy doing. I do know a blade that goes to S6, but again I don't do the naming & shaming thing. Looking at the forum since I started posting on here, that is very clear to see, you are one of the most bitter posters on here Ladybirds and many other posters agree with me. Theres nothing to prove anyone is who they are, that is the beauty of the forum, that's the beauty of (as mentioned before) not naming and shaming. It allows posters to post in confidence without being bullied into anything.
  21. Ladybirds, I could show you a video on youtube of a blade who went to the derby match and admitted how impressed he was with Wednesday's crowd, he loved the atmosphere and the bouncing, he even said we were massive - until he realised he was being filmed. Anyway, lets stick to topic eh?
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