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  1. missymoo73

    Are United playing to day?

    I'm good thanks hun. Hope you are too.
  2. missymoo73

    The legendary Richie Benaud died today

    Cricket won't be the same without him. RIP fella
  3. missymoo73

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Seve the docufilm. 10/10 Loved it. Beautiful put together.
  4. missymoo73

    Are United playing to day?

    Just wanted to say congrats to the blades on the play off place. Bricking it now...let's hope we can really turn things round this time. Everything crossed xx
  5. missymoo73

    Blades v charlton fa cup

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear! This one's come back to bite your ass big time cheeky. Don't be too disappointed that the best team on the day won. Enjoy drowning your sorrows
  6. missymoo73

    Blades v charlton fa cup

    Excellent result for the blades. Well done guys. Enjoy Wembley supporters. Have a blast Missy :banana:
  7. missymoo73

    Rate the last film you saw

    American Hustle 8/10 Good film but a bit long winded. 12 years a slave 9/10 What an amazing film about something so barbaric. beautifully shot and at times very difficult to watch. Tissues needed
  8. missymoo73

    Programmes that remind you of your childhood.

    All the above (some I've edited out as I dont remember them) plus Cagney and Lacey Hill Street Blues Prisoner Cell Block H Scooby Doo
  9. missymoo73

    Rate the last film you saw

    Agreed - love it
  10. missymoo73

    Birds of a Feather

    It was shocking - needed to be left alone.
  11. missymoo73

    Blades vs Bradford

    Going for a win today 2-1 UTB
  12. missymoo73

    Unfunny Comedians

    Jim davidson
  13. missymoo73

    Rate the last film you saw

    Changeling 8/10 Beautiful film. Not a fan of Angelina Jolie but in this I thought she was amazing.
  14. missymoo73

    Rate the last film you saw

    robocop - the original10/10 Love this film. Classic ! Although I don't like remakes I looking forward to this one coming out in February.

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