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  1. Hope Prutts & Leon bang a few in tommorrow. Good luck to Scunny with the Owls connections, hope they can pick up their season with a good win.
  2. You dont care but thanks for the reply and 'dig' to a personal opinion on a public forum.
  3. Billy, his post was pure comedy mate. Leave them alone to jump up and down at a fonejacker moment, it's actually quite entertaining seeing their excitement :hihi:
  4. Have to say a MASSIVE Happy Birthday to Yorkshire's Finest team! Sheffield Wednesday as I was on my second ban. Heres to another 145 years! Up The Mighty Blue & White Championship Owls!
  5. Reading some of the fans forums of Watford, they are gutted he's gone and think it's a big mistake. Some saying Taylor was their best player. Oh well, their loss, our gain. UTMO!
  6. I think personally, the naming of a stand at uniteds ground is pretty much embarrassing and jumping on the publicity bandwagon. I know a few blades who are also cringing at this.
  7. Isn't that when united were formed?... apologies, just checked, 1889 you can see I don't take much notice of your embarrassing little team.
  8. Back on topic. The Jessica Ennis Stand, very embarrassing for all parties I think. But thats united in a nutshell I suppose. Embarrassing Sheffield since 1889.
  9. Don't worry Paul Blade & Bassett Boys, keep the insults coming, I'm one of the few who can take it. I've kind of got used to how this forum works now, if you're a blade you can post a comic banter video, but an Owl posts a pic of the same thing, it's removed. You two personally insult and mock someone and it's left on. A very sad bunch and definately 'different gravy'
  10. Oh dear, so it's true living off others glory, how embarrassing. Hope Jessica knows about it :hihi:
  11. United usually going a goal behind was always announced with a Shhhhhhhh..... Before it do everyone went quiet, then cheered when it showed their score line.
  12. Bypass, the glory is in the making mate. I'm surprised a blade doesn't think it's glory though, having been knocked out by Burton Albion in the 1st round I would have thought 2nd round would have been glory to you league oners!
  13. We'll get the Shhhhhhhhh......T in 3D LOL! :hihi:
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