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Book Swapshop follow on poll

Do you think a book swapshop is a good idea?  

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  1. 1. Do you think a book swapshop is a good idea?

    • Yes its a good idea and i would be interested
    • No its not a good idea
    • Its a good idea but i dont read

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Ok so this is more of a follow on from the book swapshop post basically im going to present this as a suggestion and would just like some poll results to present the moderators with so thats what i will be asking today.


Obviously all rules and regulations will be set by the mods but i think this can work in the right circumstances.

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Theres a number of ways it could work.


1) You could post what book you have to swap and could meet the swapper to exchange.

2) We could arrange a monthly meet to display all the books we have on offer and see what others have that may interest us.

3) It could be an entirely postage only service ie for example recently bought a 554page hardback book which is at least £11 in shops i bought it through ebay all in and paid £4 postage was only £2.75


There a number of different ways this can be done and as i say if enough interest is shown i will approach the mods with this.


I am aware there will be teething problems but if this gets set up i will work through it.


How would it work?
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