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  1. I have my own Fasthosts reseller account that I use to host my sites and those of my clients. I can have up to 500 web sites for £24 a month and the support is amazing.
  2. There is a Sheffield collective that goes around mapping trees and collecting and redistributing fruit.
  3. British leaders tend not to embroil themselves in such foreign controversy. America is tainted by Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Chile, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other campaigns.
  4. Funny you should mention Elvis. The wife adores him and I can't hear beyond the nasal whine of his lyrics. He doesn't sing them he speaks them same as Knopfler.
  5. I never liked that track. Presence was very different to their other stuff. Nobody's Fault but mine was the only track that worked for me. Have you read the biography by his (now deceased) brother? It paints a complex picture of him. He used to get drunk and fight, was a misogynist suffered with nerves. Page was into very young girls at the time but they had Peter Grant to keep it all under wraps.
  6. In Santiago to remember more than 3,000 people killed during the Pinochet dictatorship that was launched 38 years ago. Nixon was implicit in supporting Pinochet because he feared that under Allende, Chile could become another Cuba. The CIA spent millions campaigning against him.
  7. There is nothing about Dire Straits that I ever liked, apart from getting the words "microwave oven" in to a song and even that grates on me.
  8. So the government is having a big (expensive) drive to stop people smoking for a month. Are you an addict? Are you one of those people that could stop but can't be bothered? What is your excuse for killing yourself slowly?
  9. I remember the day I found out he had died. I was only seventeen. I still have some newspaper cuttings somewhere. I won tickets to Knebworth but didn't go as I was on holiday the week inbetween. I am a drummer and as far as I can tell, his style was unique. There is no-one since that I have followed. The stuff he was creating at such a young age was awesome. Listen to "Good Times, Bad Times" from the first album. Took me six months of practice to get close.
  10. I got tickets for Mark Thomas but they were seriously over allocated. So many people didn't get in.
  11. I look after my child with no support from his mother. I go without so I can buy him food. We couldn't afford a holiday this year but he didn't complain. His mother only lives three miles away and contributes nothing to his welfare and I feel bitter considering she took me to Family Court to get residence for him. She got legal aid and it must have cost many thousands of pounds for nothing.
  12. And the irony is that up until a few hundred years ago the Christian Theocracy used to kill people who dared to challenge its rule. As this behaviour became unacceptable the church tried to use its political power and influence to get its way (and still does) but even this is failing them now. So they depend on lawsuits defending bigots and self-labelled martyrs whilst crying victimisation from the rooftops to anyone stupid enough to listen.
  13. I just offered to write the content for a client, who has been going to do it for months, (for a 'small' fee) and he bit my hand off. I agree. As I said, most people don't have a clue about how it works and leave themselves wide open to being ripped off. As you say, it's not something that can be done and then left alone. I am still learning the tools of the trade but am getting clients on to page 1 of Google fairly easily. It's the combination of keywords that I am trying to determine, finding out which ones my sites lack and then going back to modify the content.
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