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  1. So What ? thats about par for the course
  2. I wonder how many of our lads this brave man,who was probably hiding in civvies,had blown up with the cowardly "illegal" roadside bombs,yes the RM made a mistake,he should have turned his camera off ,I wonder how many of his mates are now in dock with missing limbs etc and their faces must have gone threw his mind ,it happens ,its war get over it if the boot was on the other foot and that was one of our lads laid there they would probably be tortured and then decapitated ,at least he gave him a quick death and a fast ticket to his 72 virgins ,his spirit must be wallowing in the pleasures as we speak and thanking the RM for speeding him on his way.
  3. And youre supposed to be a Man U fan ? Theyve got as much chance of relegation as either of the Sheffield teams winning their respective leagues ,they'll be knocking on the door at the death,may not win it but I bet theres another 16 teams in the league willing to take their finishing place at this time.
  4. Another un named man aged 74 has also been arrested and bailed roughly at the same time as Gambacini who is 64
  5. Ought to do a poll on SF to find the culprit ..my moneys on Tommy Robinson by a landslide
  6. I got one and its all over ebays home pages ---------- Post added 31-10-2013 at 14:40 ---------- You're allowed 100 x 99p insertion fees per month the offers mean you can fix the starting price at what you want
  7. Why try to make a racial issue about it BF ,from the link nothing has been stated about his colour etc,this could have happened to anyone irrespective of race,religion or colour ,it seems that because he took the pictures the idiots wanted to cause trouble and the easiest way and one guaranteed to garner support was to label him a pedophile ,sadly this is a trend these days if someone wants to cause trouble for another .a sad day all round more so because after beating him up they set him on fire ,surely thats a sign of pure evil or mental issues very dangerous individuals who should not walk the streets for a very long time...if ever
  8. Im a hypocrite ,blimey ,nothing to say about your faux pas re Mr Bangy then just say no to the drugs and everything will become clearer.Theres breaking the law and breaking the law Im sure committing murder doesnt equate to parking illegally or breaking the speed limit by a few miles per hour otherwise there would be more people locked up than on the streets if that where the case and in your eyes that would mean paedophilia, drug dealers d&d's etc would be of equal status get a grip man
  9. Another one cant read or at least has trounle understanding ,Im paying a speeding fine next week cos i broke the law a little different to drug dealers..please note the emphasis on dealers which are the people I label scum
  10. So what youre saying is that someone who doesnt pollute their brain with mind altering drugs and keeps their brains cleat as nature intended is suffering from a medical condition, yet someone who addles their brains with said drugs because of a physical and mental need are the people we should be taking notice of...yeah right
  11. They do check,I parked in town and whilst shopping received a telephone call asking me where my car was parked,I inquired about the call and was told its a random event based on the information given at the time of my application
  12. A conviction for rape will surpass the conviction he has now so it will be added to
  13. Theyve arrested him in prison maybe due to public pressure,I doubt if it matters much he would probably have been gate arrested anyway.
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