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Missing man - Ernest Lancaster - Sadly found dead

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Bubble, - we are all thinking of you and family and friends. You must all be tormented. Hopefully there will be some news very soon. xxx


Thanks hun but I must point out that I don't know this gentleman or his family, its mainly because I live so close and just wanted to do what little I can.


Well no news as yet. Unfortunately the police divers have been searching the lake on Treeton Lane today, but haven't found anything as far as I know - which I'd wager is true as you know what small villages are like and how fast gossip spreads. Is this good news or bad?


That poor family - I can't imagine what they're going through. I'd bet that not knowing is worse than any bad news; they won't be able to have feelings one way or the other. Whatever the outcome, I hope Mr Lancaster isn't/hasn't suffered. Thanks again for all the views/comments/help....I'm sure his family would be touched to see how many people are concerned.

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A few hours ago unfortunately a mans body was discovered, but as far as I know its not been identified yet. IIRC he was discovered near Wombwell, so hopefully not him as its quite a way away. Thanks again for everyones help so far xx

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