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  1. I have thousand of photos on my laptop which I want to develop and put into albums. Problem is, there so many I don't know where to start and the photo places online take forever to upload that many. Is there anywhere that can do them quicker or an website which can do bulk load. Also need to transfer some video camera tapes onto dvds, can anyone help me with that please. pm me if anyone knows anything that will help me. thank you.
  2. Yes please tell him its his aunty from his dad's side looking for him. If anyone finds him, please pm me, you dnt have to take details, just take my number and he can call me. ---------- Post added 13-08-2018 at 20:57 ---------- Someone must know him. He has a few brothers. ---------- Post added 16-08-2018 at 01:03 ---------- Any more info would be so appreciated. He's a relative and I just want to help him out. Cheers ---------- Post added 16-08-2018 at 01:04 ---------- Maybe Cyrus Scarborough?? Anyone know him??
  3. I'm not sure if he lives there, but I need to find a young guy called syrus. He's mixed race. His mum is called Cheryl I think. That's all I know of them at minute. Please pm me with any info. He is related to us. We want to find him.
  4. whoopie


    I asked as my neighbour has one, i liked the sound of it at first, felt very countrysidish, but now its getting annoying, as starts off at 5am and its so croaky and loud. I won't report it though, just want to rant.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a fishmonger who delivers fresh fish to your door? Does anyone cover Tinsley area? Thanks
  6. whoopie


    Can these be kept as pets in chicken coops in the back garden in Sheffield? Just asking due to the noise aspect i.e early morning calls etc
  7. Hi, it would be fantastic to see a group on here focused on cake decorating and baking.
  8. After a tailor again, anyone?
  9. whoopie

    Windsrceen wipers banging

    What kind of worse problems? ---------- Post added 07-03-2016 at 20:59 ---------- I'll do that tomorrow. thanks.
  10. My wipers are banging on my astra 58 plate, I think they bang on to the bonnet or something. where do I go to have them fixed? Halfords won't fix them unless I buy new ones, and I may not need new ones. thanks
  11. whoopie

    Dell 1545 laptop

    Thank you, I will try this tomorrow.
  12. whoopie

    Dell 1545 laptop

    Where can I bring it for you to look? How much? I would rather have it seen to and then you can tell me what to do with it. Thanks
  13. whoopie

    Dell 1545 laptop

    My laptop stopped working properly since I updated to windows 10 and now it's completely messed up. I can't access files or do anything with it. I really need it working and my files back. It's showing a black screen with a message saying 'an operating system was not found' Can anyone on here fix this for me please My number is 07516640467 Thanks
  14. whoopie

    Carboot Mega Thread 2015

    Any car boot sale this weekend near S9. thanks
  15. Is there a good place that does proper pedicures and how much do they charge? When i say proper i mean, they use that machine to get rid of dead skin and discoloured nails and polish etc thanks

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