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  1. They'll be in good company, I've never been paid extra at weekends.
  2. Ah yes, we can't have those workmen working on a busy road at the quietest time of the week. No, leave it till Monday morning!
  3. Oh great 50mph! Funny I was on it the other day and thought to myself at least the last third of the parkway is 70. The whole parkway should be 70.
  4. If it's the Rivelin Dams you're on about then you're not actually allowed to swim in them, they belong to Yorkshire Water. It's also incredibly dangerous, water is drawn off from below and there can be strong undercurrents. They put fencing up last year on the wall near the main road, presumably to deter swimmers. I remember just the week before the number of cars parked up on the verge was ridiculous, it was during the warm spell last spring, although having said that the car park across the damn had been closed by YW.
  5. Well that wasn't forecast yesterday, not on BBC weather site anyway.
  6. Ah could well be, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks.
  7. Noticed this today going into town but can't see anything on news sites of anyone significant who's died?
  8. I live pretty close to the border and regularly go outdoors in Derbyshire, don't even give it a second thought. It was handy before when Derbyshire was tier 2 and you could go for a pint without having to buy a meal.
  9. Most pavements aren't wide enough to keep 2m apart.
  10. It's hardly the narrowest of pavements. You could turn that argument on its head and say any pedestrians who can't navigate the path without getting too close to each other should get an appointment at specsavers.
  11. Not enough to warrant taking 2 yards of a busy road away no.
  12. To give more room on the pavement to pedestrians . In answer to your first question, I think they're ridiculous.
  13. Well I don't know for certain it could mean nothing but would suggest it's serious if they're still examining the scene.
  14. I've just been past and police are still blocking it off, it's at the top about 50 yards from the Redmires road junction. Heard a lot of sirens going past at around 3 o'clock so a few hours ago now. Caught a glimpse of officers in white overalls around the crashed car, which doesn't look good.
  15. Apparently a pub in Hunter's Bar, which I won't name, was asked to close by police that night. They didn't give a reason. If this was the reason why, then frankly I think it's apalling that a private event should lead to establishments having to close early, never mind those on the other side of the city.
  16. It will be a devastating blow to Sheffield if pf never reopens. There aint many places in the country who can boast of having an Olympic sized pool and attracting top athletes.
  17. I can't say I'd ever heard of this man who was apparently our "king" but going by the star you'd think he was known to half the city. Delusional comes to mind. I find it a bit disturbing that police feel the need to ask pubs to close because of a private funeral, especially when it includes pubs on the other side of the city.
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