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Any jubilee street parties?

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in 1977, britain went queen crazy, union jacks, silly hats, street parties, the whole shebang - luckily, we youngsters had 'god save the queen' by the sex pistols to take the edge off it.


this time, no on seems to give a monkeys, sure it's a free day off, but have we grown up now? is ANYONE street partying, waving stupid little flags, will there be an orgy of bogotry and nationalism like 35 years ago?

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If you live on an undadopted road, do you still have to get council permission?


I thought the tories were putting forward that all the red tape should be cut in a bid to win over the 'all this health and safety nonsense' gang, but in reality it's a lot cheaper to not have to process thousands of applications for what will on the whole, be little more than a small fete.

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Dunno how much flag-waving and nationalism there'll be but our road's having a street party that day. We also had one in 1994 apropos of nothing, we just felt like it :)


we have one every year, some nice beardy hippies down the street started it - white brown yellow faces, lovely food , no union jacks , no nationalism.

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