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  1. going halves on a bottle of white cider down the park usually does the trick
  2. Your best bet is to see what wireless connections are available in range and which are restricted and which are public. If the pub's are within range it might be a case of going in one day and having a pint and asking for the wifi code .
  3. not neccesarily, I don't know anyone who turns their router off at night. had a friend who lived above a starbucks and got continuous free internet.
  4. if it even gets released at all on the ps3. sure I read something and they'd pulled the plug
  5. From what I gather it's the original game with better graphics/half lie 2 engine? is it a mod for the original game or halflife 2?
  6. we have bae but I think they are too expensive for the british military to buy from. go figure.
  7. Does anyone know if I can post used books to inmates at doncaster prison? It doesn't say on their website. I know rules vary between prisons. ust wondering if anyone's had first hand experience. You can PM me if you don't want to talk about it on here. Cheers.
  8. in 1952 hitler would have renounced his evil ways, married a jewish woman, and restored all coutries to their pre war borders. HTH
  9. I think she meant she hadn't heard of the coach trip to berlin, not the baggage allowance.
  10. Loads of stuff seems to proudly boast 'English designed'
  11. It may well be a crime but it won't get enforced as effectively as you would like to believe.
  12. There is also already a piece of paper to stick to the door which should prevent entry from the police to enforce this law similar to the section 63 that used to be put up on squats. For me the issue here issn't the squatting, it's the fact that the old legislation should have worked it just wasn't enforced properly. People can't see that this is just the governement trying to be seen to be doing something rather than actually doing something. It's spending government money, our money, to try and buy back the votes of its core supporters.
  13. i doubt the police will turn up first time round with a piece of paper with the landlords signature on it. and forgery isn't a crime.
  14. I would be able to say this [removed] [removed] [removed] you [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] piece of [removed] [removed]
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