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Some Thoughts for Next Season


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OK, pure hypothesis or just wishful thinking, but given the scenario where both Sheffield teams achieve promotion at the end of the season, which team will do better next season, and why?

Try to provide constructive arguments, i.e. which chairman is likely to invest in new players etc, and desist from the usual mindless bickering.

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In recent seasons teams that have got promoted from League 1 have gone on to do well - thinking especially Norwich, Southampton, Brighton.


I think under Megson Weds may have struggled...but I think Jones has done well and is not looking to play quite as direct? Blades should do ok but I would not expect to get in the playoffs. I think the Championship has become more difficult as there are so many teams that can do well. But I think both would stop up and progress from there. Really both teams are too big for league 1. Its strange to see Barnsley and Donny higher than the Sheffield teams. But its a cycle and maybe we needed to go down and start over developing a new team. It took Leeds long enough to get back up. On that basis the Blades have done well to be right up there at the first time of asking.

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I think it depends on which players both could keep If we went up, both have big players which are either on loan or could be prized away.


Agree in some respect Corks but, from another viewpoint, the team that achieves promotion is less likely to lose their better players.

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