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  1. I bought a cabbage from Asda. I went to catch the tram and when I got off the cabbage was gone. If anyone happens to find a cabbage on a tram please can you give me a call on: 0776483878 Thanks.
  2. We've been playing like that all season and we've won 8 and drawn 7. I'll take that if it means we get out of this crap division.
  3. I can't believe anyone can get wound up by this. It was either the "Global Douchebag Tractor Fixing Magical Hogwart Classes Crew Stand" or "The Jessica Ennis Stand". Plus she's fit.
  4. From Derby on loan. Old wide player, got a good cross on him apparently but about as fast as a person that failed in the qualification stage for the 100m at the Special Olympics.
  5. John Lewis Men are not responsible for delivering the message and its contents to anyone who is a great day out with the latest news and sport headlines.
  6. I've been a bit busy over the summer months and I'm yet to find a team for the new season. I'm 18 and can play up front, winger or in midfield. I'm especially keen to find out what club plays in Norfolk Park, it's abut five minutes away from mine and I've just seen them putting the new nets up and marking out the pitches, would be very interested to know who plays there and how to get in contact with them. Cheers, Steven.
  7. Not won a game, the fans are turning against the players and the board, they don't like the manager at all and after only a few games they reckon it's relegation for them. Nailed on loss for us on Saturday.
  8. Am I right in thinking that the 83 and 88 go near there?
  9. I'm 80% sure but are the 5 a side pitches on the bottom side? I used to play 6 a side every week on the top side but didn't know if the 5 a side pitches were further up. As I said I think they're on the bottom as a lot goes on down their and I know they do play small sided football down their. Cheers.
  10. Only heard of Kirkland. But I don't know who we've signed. Not up to date for about a month and a half.
  11. We all knew we had no monies did we not? Danny Wilson always knew we had no monies. Mostly everyone knew we had no monies. Our manager has admitted to the public that we have no monies. But we already knew this so meh. MONEHLESS!
  12. 5 a side/11 a side. Hey I'm 18 and can play on the wing or up front. In midfield if needed. Anywhere around the City Centre or on the tram route would be ideal. I'm also looking to play 5 a side on weekday nights. I can get to any of Goals, Goodwin and Pitz. PM me as currently my phone screen is broken and I can only view half of any text I get sent.
  13. Hey, There's me 18 and my 13 year old cousin who are going down and hopefully going to get tickets tomorrow morning. We're looking for a coach/mini bus. Just the two of us, PM me if possible, would be much appreciated. Somewhere around the City Centre or on the tram route would be ideal. Thanks.
  14. When I said he'll score 3 I meant 1. It was a typo.
  15. Wait what? You've gone back 5 years to dig up this on us? We could all play this game.
  16. I want to go to Wembley again. Last time against Burnley there was a small tank parked in someones drive that I stared at for about 40 minutes due to the traffic. That was the highlight of the day.
  17. I think we'll start with Cresswell and Porter up front. Or we should do. Cresswell will probably come off after 60 minutes for O'Halloran. By then hopefully we'll be in a good enough position in the game.
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