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Is it possible to listen to radio Sheffield live through iPhone app or net

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The app you need is "tune in" radio however as you can imagine it uses data therefore only use if you have a decent data package. I use the free version which is quite adequate and has all of the radio stations in the uk on it however there is a payable version which is 69p on itunes, mines android so cant comment on the difference. Great app tho.

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One of the main differences between the free and paid app is the record function. Sometimes the buffering is annoying if in a poor signal area, so I usually just record what's on and listen to it an hour later.

I listen to a lot of USA alt music stations, so it's great for that. I tend not to listen "live".

Try the free one. Nowt to lose.

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I have a free radio player on my desktop which allows me to listen to stations online, radio Sheffield is on my favourites list and generally works well


Not sure what it is called, when I look at the icon it is a blue circle with a white play sign and is simply called 'Radioplayer' - I came across it on Google

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