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  1. Hi all Bit of a stupid question! I was recommended a lady driving instructor in the Lodge Moor area for my daughter. I spoke to her, agreed to book my daughter in, and now stupidly I've lost her details. My daughter has been 17 for a month, so she should have been back in touch 🙁 Can anyone help me out with any suggestions?
  2. Didn't have my glasses on, but a jet has just flown seriously low and fast down the Don valley - Oughtibridge to Hillsborough and then turned east. Possibly a Typhoon? Anyone get a better view?
  3. Looks like it's time to revive that proposal to build a bridge across the Don at Limestone Cottages, linking into the Abbey Forge Road
  4. That's unpaid "time off work". It's heartening to know that your work colleagues think enough of you that they are sacrificing a day's pay to try and save your job. So why speculate then?
  5. And not-so-major cities either. Perpignan is on the Paris-Barcelona TGV route; TGVs stop at the city-centre railway station. Perpignan has a similar population to Rotherham, though it is the capital city of the Pyrénées-Orientales department.
  6. This will be my fifth winter running winter tyres now - they're DEFINITELY worth it. They perform better whenever the temperature is below around 7ºC, not just when the white stuff (or the icy stuff) is on the ground. As long as you're hanging onto the car for a few years, and you can store & change the wheels yourself, it doesn't work out any more expensive in the long run.
  7. Well, they will "maintain a police presence" like they did last weekend - ie just stand around and watch. These days there aren't enough coppers on a regular shift to deal with this sort of thing.
  8. Inkerman Silver, Douglas Road. Carries the "Made in Sheffield" logo
  9. The Labour candidate has put a lot of time and money into unseating Clegg. It's not a Labour marginal - so Labour HQ hasn't devoted resources to Sheffield Hallam. What's interesting is that all the growth in support is down to the candidate and his volunteer base is largely students. Consequently, it's rather outside the national trends. Personally, I'd say Clegg will just squeak back in, but it really is too close to call at the moment.
  10. I'll stick by what I said. The Decathlon Alur 700 is £599, carbon fork, 105 groupset - amazing value! If you're spending £1600 you should be able to do your own basic servicing (or if you've been cycling for 50 years you'll have found someone reliable to suit you). If you still want to spend £1600 there should be a specific reason, and you'll be looking at Planet X and the bigger bike shops. Just don't want you chucking away a grand for no real benefit;-)
  11. If you're asking basic questions like this, you're paying WAY too much for your bike. Take a look at something £500 - £700. After riding that for a year or so you might decide you need to buy something more pricey. Any yes, Decathlon is good value for a £500-ish bike. I can't comment on their servicing, but if you're paying £1600, you should be able to do your own routine maintenance.
  12. Charity shops don't pay rents! They keep the place well-maintained, insured, heated, looking good etc, but the landlord won't be making money out of them. If a tenant came along willing to pay real money, the short-term charity shop lease would be terminated in a flash.
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