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  1. Ok, well just a mobile mechanic will do then ---------- Post added 19-01-2015 at 21:54 ---------- I'm in deepcar
  2. Hi can anybody recommend one? Alternator has gone and I need it sorting out, cheers
  3. Extreme gas on Ashwood close. One of the residents has major gas problems.
  4. Can anybody recommend a good drain specialist?. Don't fancy paying dyno rod @co's prices, wondered if anybody knew of any good local guys? Cheers
  5. Mobile mechanic needed for problem on Voyager. Cuts out intermittently when idling. All the obv things have been tried already EGR valve, Fuel pump,fuel filter ect. Running out of ideas need a genius to come and fix it for me!!. Let me know cheers 07446820249
  6. Hi Does anyone know of any these clubs in or around Sheffield,Rotherham or Barnsley?. Get in touch please if you do. Thanks
  7. Hi does anybody know of any stores with stocks left on the ipad mini 16GB wifi version?. Cheers
  8. I'm neither weak nor vulnerable I just don't like being conned
  9. That's what I thought I'd do have had an experience with them aswel?
  10. I was parking in area where there no markings or signs saying i couldnt park there
  11. Hi i got a ticket down at the centertainment outside frankie and bennies should this place be taken seriously? anybody had any dealings with them ?. There where no signs in or around the place i parked or double yellow lines i wasnt blocking anyone or parked in or near disabled spaces i noticed there are some signs at the other side of the area stating that people using the disabled spaces without badges will be fined but other than that nothing. cheers
  12. oh very good thats better a little more imagination
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