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Jet washer returned to shop

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less than a year ago i got myself a power jet washer to clean my garden path with, got it out today to use and it would not work, so i returned it to the shop no names but a big outlet ,who say all items you buy have a 12month

return policy or your money back, all i wanted was a replacement, but the same item in shop has a new order number now the same spec but i was told i had to pay an extra £30 i asked to speak to the manager who at first said i will have to pay it if i want the same pressure washer but he knocked a tenner off

but i still have had to pay £20 extra this cannot be right in my oppinion

last time i buy anything from A***S:huh:

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Guest sibon
I thought that their 1st option on the 12-month policy was for them to repair the item?


... if not, then a replacement?


... and if that's not possible ... a refund?


That is correct.


The last time I returned something to Argos, the price had gone down. They replaced it and gave me change:)

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yep, so the guarantee is for replacement (not an unusual arrangement with some electrical goods)


So long as the items had the same model number, he had no right to do that - contact head office, and let them know you're not crossing their threshold again

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