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Pain killers from chemists

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What sort of pain do you have?


Do you have asthma or any sort of gastric ulcer or excess acid problem?


Have you ever had any problems with taking opiate based compounds?


There are combinations of painkillers that you can take together or even not take any orally at all if you have a sensitive stomach.

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If you were just asking for the strongest painkillers you can get then the answer would probably be one of the co-codamol (codeine and paracetamol) preparations, but there's all sorts of ways to enhance them.


For instance, dispersible pills will get into your system faster and if you're taking co-codamol you may also be able to take a NSAID like ibuprofen at the same time- but that is dependent on whether they agree with you.


If you've got tonsillitis I'd say not to take either of them but to instead buy some children's ibuprofen syrup and coat your tonsils with that using a medicine syringe, which will give you great pain relief for a tiny dose of ibuprofen. Similarly ibuprofen gel on a sprain will work much better than a pill that you take orally for a much smaller dose that is much less likely to upset your stomach.

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i have been out of hospital for nearly a week after a operation for choleatoma and they told me to take Ibuprofen, but it seems the pain only goes for half hour and its back


Your best bet would be to talk to your own doctor (or to someone at the hospital, but that might take a while to arrange) and see if any alternatives present themselves. It may be something as simple as taking paracetamol two hours after the ibuprofen to help out - but don't start doing that without speaking to a doctor first. Paracetamol will interfere with certain parts of the body and there may be a solid reason why they didn't suggest it themselves.

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OK, so I'd suggest that you go to your GP and get some controlled release ibuprofen for a start. My experience is that they don't actually do 24 hours, but they quite adequately cover about 20 hours at a time.


To enhance that I'd go for some dispersible co-codamol, which will start getting into your system within minutes, so you don't need to plan doses too far in advance. Every pharmacy will stock dispersible co-codamol tablets in a couple of strengths, and since it's post operative pain there's no reason why you can't take them when needed (rather than someone with an injury that needs medical attention and they're just masking the pain).


The one thing that you really need to be aware of when you start taking any opiate medication is that it will make you constipated if you take more than one or two doses, so it may be worth you picking up some lactulose (gentle laxative) and start taking it at the same time you start taking the codeine to prevent you ending up too bunged up.

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