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  1. Hope it all goes well :-) ---------- Post added 09-03-2014 at 22:55 ---------- Hope it all goes well :-)
  2. Looks like I'm going to be in again before Christmas :-/
  3. Hope his ct scan is all clear Lynne xx
  4. I don't work with computers and have tryed all the stretching that seems to make it worse, tried hot baths and totally fed up of taking numours amounts of pain killers. I go running and biking that loosens me up for a short time then it comes back. More in the winter than summer, but thanks
  5. Sorry I should have mentioned years ago I did and I had some physio, but I still get it especially when the weather drops, so would like to find somewhere I can go as regular as I wish.
  6. For many years I have suffered with tight neck and shoulder muscles, would I need a physio or some other kind of massage technique. where would I start to find someone who's qualified to carry out such treatment, don't really want to be visiting certain locations I've seen around Sheffield. Any ideas ?
  7. Sheffield homes have just done a sound check and found there own doors they fitted are causing the problem and have admited that I was not consulted rite from the beginning .
  8. I have tenancy, and all of a sudden this has popped up, I've just been left hanging by Sheffield homes with nothing in writing from them and I'm sure they haven't followed any procedures.
  9. If anyone knows who I can contact for legal advice on this, I would be grateful.
  10. I was told in September I'm under investigation and I've had no letters, nothing but missed appointments, no communication between the staff and management, It's legal advice I need.
  11. This is about head if departments that must think after today we all sit in the house just waiting with nothing better to do, I should have been clear on this.
  12. Nothing than a constant stream of administration errors and incompetence, then they develop a selective memory when they choose. They think they are above the law stepping in and out of there procedures when it suits them.
  13. Have come to the conclusion Sheffield homes are run by shear incompetent overpaid morons with no consideration for anyone's private or family life, that presume we are all claiming benefits.
  14. Yeah I hope I do, I might feel Betta when my collarbone and ribs repair properly.
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