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Blue screen of death, windows 7


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For the last few days/week tops my laptop has kept crashing and giving a blue screen message (done it about 7/8 times now) can't think of any recent software I have installed just done some cc-cleaner stuff, malware scan and part defrag (was taking too long so aborted it) just because laptop was slow, had to delete some files as well as only had about 5gb left on main drive.

Now the message comes up for about 10 seconds before rebooting so cant read it as its almost full screen

any ideas on what to do guys ? cheers.

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Your slow defrag time will be down to the fact that having 5 Gb left on your hard drive would be nowhere near enough space for it to work properly. You need at least 20 Gb for it to run - surprised it did not come up with a warning about that - sure I had a warning message when not enough free space to do a defrag before.

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