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  1. Has that bit of land behind KFC ever been anything? Always been walked off in time I've known, think there was a caravan on there in 90s
  2. Cherry bank road (In between woodseats and Norton Lees) just at top of chantry road is a great view Dykes hall fields just off Ringinglow road is probably one of the best too
  3. Pretty much sums its all up right there, the condescending attitude of such people, has come back to bite them in the ass big time...end of story
  4. No need to name them, lets just hope its the right lads who end up on the end of any reprisals and not just random, they think they are untouchable ''gangstas'' just as the ones a few years older did, they soon realise they are not watch yer backs little boys, always someone round the 'corner' waiting
  5. He was hardly going round raping/killing people FFS poor lad is dead, some of you need to give your head a wobble RIP young un
  6. It should be the most successful boozer on woodseats really especially in decent weather considering its the only one with a decent Beer garden
  7. Yeah but to say its safer than London,Manchester,Birmingham etc is not saying much, its just gives a kind of skewed view and I didn't really mean Burngreave although any area where there is blatant drug dealing,prostitution in broad daylight on the main stretch though isn't great, I meant further toward the northern Gen, burngreave/pitsmoor has kind of stayed the same, the areas I mentioned have got worse...far worse
  8. I love Sheffield, proud born and bred Sheffielder, I live in the city centre, the city as much as I love it is not as nice and ''safe'' as some people think or make out. If you live in the nice suburbs, sound no reason to think otherwise but you would be shocked about some of the crap I see and hear, vast majority you will never hear of. this safe city crap is just a manipulating of data to give a certain impression Its also not as bad as some make out either (aside from certain parts past the wicker archers)
  9. The self proclaimed liberal elite, ''Intellectual, enlightened'' saviours of society have been warned about all this crap for years, but just brush it under the carpet, shout racist/Bigot/somekindofphobe etc etc They have some false belief that it makes them ''good people'' when in fact its some kind of ego trip and they are part of the problem, living in their bubble, they know some who are nice so they must all be nice (about as logical as some are ****s so they must all be) They group anyone who has concerns into the same category as the real obvious racist/bigoted nutcases while moaning about people stereotyping others from other cultures etc. They say its all our governments/the West's fault yet these same people they blame are involved in this mass immigration, they don't question the motives, do they really think its out of the goodness of the elites hearts or some other agenda? Gullible fools is about as polite as I can put it, and we ain't seen nothing yet, one day they'll go oh, maybe they had a point those nasty wacists....Probably too late by then If you want this utopian no borders thing then a few things need to happen, Religion needs to go ...all of them and base life round science and technology and Greed/power needs to go too....Not going to happen is it Too many hypocrites, too many egos, too many intolerant people pleading tolerance.
  10. hash tags seem to be a popular thing these days, here is one I would use if I used Twitter #REALISMNOTRACISM
  11. Good lass, could have ended up very differently, the sentence is a bit of a joke, but it will be made to feel a lot longer by the fellow inmates, he's in for a tough ride, bless his cotton socks. Vile piece of ****
  12. Have they knocked Norton college down then already ? is everything going, tennis courts, Graves centre etc ?
  13. It wasn't aimed at you in particular, just an observation in how certain people such as our fishy friend pick and choose what they answer
  14. you won't get anything from them on that one, they pick and choose what questions/parts of questions they want to answer, they must be budding politicians
  15. How is it Hypocrisy ? If something happens to your next door neighbour/someone you are close to, would you be more upset/angry than a complete stranger, someone miles away, you have no connections with? I know its simplified logic, but its what it boils down to, not race etc as some make out Also, this is not an attack on Mali its an attack on the ''evil westerners''
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