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Another load of money being pumped into the British economy

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another load of money is going to be pumped into the economy or should i say the banks while people are being made redundant and work is comin hard to find the bank of england decide to pump more money into the so called banks so they can spend it on what they like. stop a minute why dont the government just give interest free loans run via national insurance and i am sure the economy would start working that way as this way it isnt only for the fat cats getting there bonuses and the banks not lending cus they are full of .... and they are in crisis sorry for my rant but we might as well have a bunch of 5 running the government they might do a better job and why carnt the mps take a pay cut everybody else is

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It is all illusion. Do you believe in modern economy like people used to believe in church and god. People did think god really exist 100 year ago now we laugh about it, it was just a dream.

Wake up and it is all over.

No dreams no worries no lies.

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