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  1. Farage comes across as the only politician that actually answers a question. You may not like his answer but at least hes not pussy footing around and just trying all the time to push his parties latest focus group, approved agenda. Maybe a straight talking politician is a thing of the past in this country. no wonder we are all in such a mess:suspect:
  2. I had loads of trouble with my quote. it was never refused but it jumped up considerably for no reason. 20+ years driving. one accident. several years ago, so had 9 years ncd. but it still jumped from £300 to well over £700. when i put a friends post code in(just to see the difference) i was quoted under £200. I would have loved to take it but of course i would have been breaking the law. so i was stuck with the cheapest i could find for my post code which is £728 (comp).
  3. Anyone seen anything last night?. car set on fire at the rear of the shops on the four greens. around 11.30 pm, no one hurt but the car did set the fences alight that run along the back gardens there. so someone will have to pay for those to be replaced.
  4. Seeing that i have no family it could be up to six months or more!!. the neighbours keep to themselves so unless they decide to investigate the bad smell it could be even longer!
  5. no its going to get worse, this country is broke.. and the banks are left to bleed the already shaky economy dry. we will be thrown to the wolves in greater numbers
  6. yes his recent mp expenses for a bluetooth headset costs double that. maybe he could get a payday loan to cover him to his next giro?
  7. pity the politicians cant say the same!!http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/apr/02/ten-lies-told-about-welfare?CMP=twt_gu
  8. thought the riots where kicking off again
  9. maybe thats what happened to those at Halifax branch in hillsborough. attempted theft, right pain that there out of action
  10. Just read this then try and defend the 23 millionaires...http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/apr/02/ten-lies-told-about-welfare?CMP=twt_gu
  11. I think that jumping out of a plane is more exciting that meeting a big smelly overgrown child!!, other words a man
  12. why do you need an affair to split with someone?, there are single people you know!... and thee is always the advantage of doing what you want with whoever you what
  13. Its the old chestnut, you MAY have grown apart. its happened to me and the only thing you can do is really be honest with yourself and question whether you want to keep flogging a dead horse.
  14. Also this might be useful as well.. A link to the list of food banks availabe in the Sheffield area.....http://www.sheffieldfoodbank.org.uk/ Dont expect just to turn up though, you need to be referred by a professional E.g Doctor, Social worker,Policeman/Woman. I am sure if you manage to phone them they will walk you though the process
  15. BREAKING: Bomb explodes near Acropolis in central Athens in Greece - details to follow. RT twitter feed
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