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  1. This pushyness will be hard for elderly people to deal with. Contact police.
  2. Today there is a big celebration at the canal quayside base with 20 boats coming in with a band at 1:30 PM. All day further entertaining activities going on till tonight with a silent disco later on. It is to celebrate the 200 year Bday of the Sheffield canal. Have always liked a relaxing walk by the canal any time of year, it will be fun to see the party there today for a change. Busy day in Sheffield, and we are having great weather for it all.
  3. Loved watching the first boat with the band playing full monty songs Many people were there all along the towpath and at the quays.
  4. Many of these drawings are more writings with only a little scientific research sketch. I'm saying this jokingly, no need to react seriously.
  5. At the moment places like India are developing faster than GB. Having said this it was rather funny that India latest HS line opening the train had a collision with a cow. But that didn't stop them from reaching the destination.
  6. They have started to build the Mumbai to pune section. Your excuses why we should use an old fashioned system instead of really moving on are typical comical. Every train goes from point to point. Ps. They already have HS there.
  7. India seems to be more developed now and started a hyperloop line. HS2 is already out of date. It's better to cancel it and either work on improving existing systems or stop dragging and move on properly instead of always staying behind.
  8. That is fine the drawings are a great display of scientific development and some preparation sketches. Calling these drawings a great work of art can only be done by people who don't know the difference of art and science. Da vinci was a great artist but his finished complete artworks are not at the Millennium Gallery.
  9. Most of them drawings are more scientific than artistic. Did like seeing them but there are more written notes and measurements on them. There was this study sketch of a part of a painting he made later. No da Vinci paintings in there.
  10. That is £25.000 per charge point, not bad a domestic charge point costs less than £2000. These charge points are subsidised and council has to make sure the installer doesn't put that subsidy in its own pocket. Diesel will be finished this century no matter if that happens through a state of ignorance or through some wisdom insight.
  11. Talking and consulting doesn't make the air cleaner. Thinking about proposals only affects dreams, it doesn't change reality. Would I consult when crossing the road when a truck is on the way? If I think about someone proposing to have some fun. The only change is in the head, nothing really happened yet.
  12. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Of course not. It has gotten a bit better over last fivteen years and there are many Chinese and middle Eastern people around to keep their places going. Twenty years ago it was very normal for me and a friend to be only customer in these weirdly named places. Ecclesall road will be fine with or without restaurants. It will move along with with the markets of what it needs today.
  13. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    I have lived here a long time and it is more often the places with very odd weird foreign names that have trouble to exist for longer.
  14. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    It's nothing new. Places have come and gone as long as I have been here. Best thing is to not choose a silly foreign name or it won't last.
  15. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Many people go to kelham island now.
  16. Ten days ago it was very busy. Da Vinci was both scientific and artistic. He was more focused on mind than heart. His passion for his interests are well expressed in the drawings.
  17. dutch

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    And you posted this Friday night, not just now in the morning. Why even bother tuning in to toby if you cant be bothered to listen.
  18. I must agree with you that society is not just some believe, we live in a physical world and have rules on the road or everything would turn out some chaotic mess. To get more back on topic and this letter that was originally posted it tried to blame society for the mess the brothers gotten into saying it started at the family creating mental turbulence and conditioning. The letter also mentioned things like higher purer consciousness and awakening. First there is no such thing as higher or purer consciousness. You are conscious or unconscious, no one is higher or purer than anyone else no matter if they are conscious or not. Mental turbulence from family conditioning is an issue someone can leave behind if they want to. Awakening comes when the mind is silenced again, this can happen by accident or through meditation. The writer of the letter also talks about collective human mind, global mother and much pain. I feel sorry for him or her. Maybe one day he/she will live in happiness again and go beyond all this mind nonsense. Ps liked post #41. End of day we could chat bout society but it is what it is.
  19. Thanks, it's a nice spring day today and I'll enjoy the sunshine. See you later
  20. Thanks for asking. Problems are there and ignoring them won't help. Society is just a thing people believe in like people believe in religion for example. It doesn't see people properly as individuals. Society reduces individuals into a member of society with rules and regulations just like religion, a little different in appearance but it does the same thing. Society has many home made problems, it is a problem making machine people believe in. It tries to solve problems but creates them as well, it will never solve everything. Every problem solved a new problem arises. Humanity has never known true freedom, that state has only been known by people who have become individual again. Every individual is part of the whole and connects with everything without believing any old fashioned social control system. In this freedom problems disappear like darkness disappears when light comes in. It is very easy to sort, only thing is I cannot do it for you or anyone else. But that is not a problem, although I do care that's why I answered your question. In the end there will be few who understand this. Most people won't be interested or care about it. That is how things keep going they are and will only be solved when you step out of the problem making boat telling everyone they are just a piece of society. I am part of this existence and that includes everything, not some old fashioned thing people believe in.
  21. Social problems are as old as stone. I laugh at it like some others laugh at religion as it is the biggest joke people believe in.
  22. dutch

    Youtuber Patrick Dickinson

    He should apply for a job with BBC, "crazy tunnel journeys around the world."
  23. Sorry cyclone that wasn't me. I would make a much worse better mess of it. That letter is not bad enough written by a mediocre mind. My mind is worse than that.

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