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  1. Interesting meaningful topic. Respect.
  2. Don't think so. Outcry is for people who are left alive watching the news. Someone who has died does not really need it anymore. This society cries harder when a MP very unfortunately gets killed then a police officer. That's a fact.
  3. Police cannot handle all pressure. This is off topic but seen another one screaming high on drugs at cathedral yesterday afternoon, scary if they pull a knife and go crazy.
  4. I read somewhere that it has been formally declared by British authorities.
  5. Sept 2012 around between $100/120 barrel. Today round $85 barrel. Pound has dropped in value against dollar around 20 pence since then.
  6. It is now called an act of terrorism. That comes to no surprise to me and explains a lot.
  7. Just did some searching and found about construction worker being stabbed to death by colleague few months ago. That did not make national news. El Cid comment is correct and accurate because being MP stabbed the flags go down but not if you get stabbed.
  8. www.boxingfightsvideos.com Dvd out of date most stuff is online now.
  9. Must be some joke. All my personal details and a test to be extra for half a day for a £10 voucher. Office for national statistics pays people £25 voucher that can be used at several places for every time when they come to your front door to test you in 10 minutes.
  10. Someone put this on facebook regarding this incident: Residents and police getting hosed down by fire engine crew other residents as myself getting told it’s not safe to be outside so I don’t know but it has got to be some serious chemical or virus from the guy jumping out of window for them to have to strip into there underwear to get hosed down by fire brigades with gas masks on
  11. Check the Sheffield Facebook page for stuff like that.
  12. Never mind those people on the street. Every time UK politicians are on the news I see beggars of a different kind. Thing is that the ones on the street are dressed poorly and the other ones wear a suit and tie. I do not see the difference these are exactly the same people to me with a different dress code.
  13. This global Intel expansion is worth £70 billion. And UK misses out clearly because of Brexit. It's just another joke, right? Everything is.
  14. Intel has decided to not go for UK to build two large chip factories because of Brexit. They put them somewhere near Germany Poland now.
  15. Politics and culture do not really connect. Higher up you go there worse it gets.
  16. Our virgin WiFi is not working either.
  17. Start Steaming, TV is old fashioned and lacks free choice.
  18. Panick reaction, a life filled with fear. As soon as they think it's over they worry, heard from friend that many people just got for few pound petrol and one only put 7 pence in the tank. Although petrol thing will only be temporary and council would be crazy enough to start cashless parking payment only.
  19. Last year they stopped Rotherham Vs Sheffield Wednesday game because of drone and south Yorkshire police started investigation. Would not worry about it myself or wonder why it's there. Fear seems to be on most people forecourt these days.
  20. Love humor. just read post #10. Just considered hanging people not funny myself but you could be right here. edit: source rotherham advertiser website A KNIFEMAN who stabbed his victim in the buttocks with a flick knife gained seven stones in weight while waiting to be sentenced. The judge told the barrister representing Ben White (34), of Pike Road, Brinsworth, at Sheffield Crown Court, “Well at least the prison food has been edible.” White was put in custody after stabbing a man with a flick knife following an altercation in April last year. His barrister, Ms Joy Merriam, said White had found his time in custody difficult — having had one face to face visit in that time. “He has been in custody for 15 months and has gained over seven stones in weight in that time, due to the fact he has been incarcerated for 23 hours a day,” she said.
  21. Sorry, I don't know any personally. Maybe you can realise yourself that hanging people is not a solution anymore. Let me say something better, you are intelligent enough to understand that.
  22. Psychiatrists are at standby to help you. I wish you all the best either way.
  23. Shortage of HGV drivers, this may only be temporary till they get more polish truckers to deliver AAA meals to the prisons.
  24. Your welcome and by the way I wish you luck with the questions because even when you find the answer it may give temporary relief. Another question will be around the corner it becomes an ongoing process. Your mind gets addicted to questioning and anxiety grows.
  25. Why get all worked up about some little thing in the sky at 1 Am to the point you get so desperate and anxious to ask us what it could have been. When looking for answers to anything a good start would be to close these eyes again and take some deep slow breath watching and observing them and the tense feeling of not knowing what it was will go away. You can choose to anxiously find out what was there or feel peaceful relaxed within again its your choice.
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