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  1. dutch

    car crash at greenhill

    Blackout, stroke, epileptic attack. The illness could be the cause of the crash. Rest in peace and regrets to friends and family.
  2. dutch

    Motorcycle event today

    Half marathon in city centre today.
  3. Some places are like that. Too lazy to keep place maintained and clean. Money gets more important than basic needs. If I pay good money for a coffee and there is only skimmed and soya milk, no coffee cream, that place lost a customer. It is my experience that English people accept these problems easier than a German.
  4. If there are any faults, like they say, it is good that these are found before any accidents happen. Don't want a Boeing scenario do you?
  5. dutch

    Problem Neighbour

    Government doesn't spent the money to help or assist insane people, these ill people go crazy and become a problem council cannot deal with. It is not fair to throw these people on the street. It is not fair to live next to such mentally ill person, cannot really blame ill people, that illness is not intentional or premeditated. This is a trend happening all around the world where these problematic individuals are dumped in some poverty zone kept alive as cheap as possible ignoring all complaints from people who have to live around them.
  6. dutch

    Stannington co_op security.

    It used to be a very nice area great for shoplifters, now it has gotten harder for them. Good for Stannington now these shoplifters there have to go elsewhere or pay for things.
  7. They are there to save on bricks.
  8. They found that burger there after the balloon popped and ate it. Really well documented properly explained and looked really cool watching it yet simple enough a four year old can understand it. If some game show asked me to guess what city had such space program I say Sheffield. This was done by youtuber tom stanniland sending a mc Donald burger into space, even ITV calender spent some time on it. At least its more interesting than some other topics going on latelely
  9. dutch

    Tractor or HGV tyres

    There is a tracktor tire in rivilin river by upper coppice wheel if you want it.
  10. That musical" standing at the sky's edge" is close to sold out now, and that does not surprise me. If they had the time they could easily paste another month to keep that going.
  11. That new musical at crucible about park hill flats and the people who lived there over the years to today is absolutely fantastic. It has a great sense of humour, love for Sheffield and got a full standing ovation when we were there.
  12. If you look a little further, deeper, in who you and other people are you find that skin colour and country of birth have little to do with it.
  13. It is not at al usual for something like this to happen at that Tesco. Don't think the area has anything to do with it, knife crime unfortunately happens all over Sheffield.
  14. dutch

    Any floods?

    I have lived by rivers all my life, only one that ever flooded was the Don river. And I'm certain that whatever they have done has made a big difference to how don river behaved twenty years ago.
  15. dutch

    Any floods?

    They fixed the don really well and it flows twice as fast as it did pre 2007. It never gets that high again and when it does it's only for a short time, Before 2007 it used to come up much higher after a bit of rain flow slower and stay like that for at least a week. Now levels recede within 12 hours.
  16. Welcome ajw. There has been a recent discussion on this forum about ecclesall road and its current difficulties to keep going. Unfortunately I cannot answer your question but I agree with you that it is always nice to see new bars and restaurants in the city.
  17. Still that oh so old childish out of date way of calling it .009 instead of 0.01. See mistakes like that made in many places. At least the supermarkets politely apologise and correct the problem when you point it out to them.
  18. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    I go to E road and K island and a road is not the people on it. Both are fine and have their own personal qualities and shortcomings. Sorry about that wicker rat comment as I saw one running over the road there last summer but that could happen anywhere sometime. Some of my previous comments were not really ment to put any place down or up but to explain observations made while being there. Where these observations are made is irrelevant to me. It is unfortunate E road is struggling and great other places are developing.
  19. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    People were taking their little children to kelham island last night.
  20. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Personally I have found that the vibe of E road can be shortsighted at times and mostly only find certain type of people there who all seem to be stuck at the same level. The few I met there that didn't fall in this typical E road personality were easy to spot and recognise in the typical main crowd that is usually there. You asked me to elaborate, Nothing wrong in liking E road, thinking it is fantastic or superior. But on top of that you call yourself a wiseowl and don't even understand a simple comment. What is really needed here is not elaboration but understanding and insight to go deeper than the little hubs people get attached to. E road people are the wisest of Sheffield but this wisdom is only of superficial intellectual knowledge thinking this is superior. They have no experience that goes further or deeper than this failing to see how small their little intellectual world really is. It is non of my business cause it is a personal choice to stay there thinking it is heaven or move on and see what is really fantastic by discovering the ultimate freedom that is out there when you leave all hubs behind and open up in a universal world experiencing total freedom because you don't need to condemn other hubs no longer.
  21. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Your name explains it all how you devide and judge that little part of Sheffield.
  22. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    It all depends on what you focus on, if your mind is a dump the world around you will look like that. Ecclesall road is no better or worse than any other place in Sheffield.
  23. dutch

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    In city centre people keep their head straight and don't shake them thinking they are superior.
  24. dutch

    Telephone box library


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