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  1. Maroon coloured punto my cctv caught them breaking into my van on 14/04/16 around crookes at 03-22 am fifteen mins later I'd have ad the hits
  2. Help anybody with information reward given my beloved Astra Gte convertible Has been stolen from crookes around 10-10.30pm on Saturday night bang outside my house information for return and the scrouts that's done it really appreciated and a cash reward given reg number f200 lmy its midnight blue in colour 07817104817
  3. The hallamster got more common sense than presenters
  4. Can help you in afternoon any good for you call graham on 07817104817 01142668199
  5. Isn't data protection still in or does it just apply when the government want it to be in
  6. They is another option the car could have 2 batteries
  7. No that not him his first name was Nigel he was called rat because of his front teeth Jason Perret hung around with stancills gulley n daz nthat
  8. If it's same as crookes expensive and crap value for money
  9. Spoke to a few weeks a go he was on 30.00 per day not even min wage cash in hand
  10. That's a point blue lights went flying past mulehouse about 90 mins ago
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