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Need help, converting fat32 usb stick to ntfs


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ive followed lots of leads on the web but am getting nowhere, all i want to do is convert it, so i can add bigger than 4gb files.


im running xp (sp3)


would it be easier to use a friends windows 7 or vista ? as this is driving me nuts .


when i try to format it as ntfs it basically goes in to a state of raw and its all full. . so to get it back working agai n i have to format it back to fat32.


hope some one can help me on this one

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assuming windows 7

start menu - right click "computer"

manage - disk management


there you can see all your installed disks. you can see the active partitions.

You find your stick, delete the fat32 partition and replace it with an NTFS one then reformat and bobs your uncle.


Of course you will loose any data on the stick..

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You could have used this:




That way it will allow the USB stick to be read in many more devices.


I use this to format my 2Tb drive for my XBOX.


formatting isnt the issue, its converting it to ntfs from fat 32, it turns out exfat isnt supported, so im still stuck, does anyone know a shop or person who could format it for me , hopefully sunday but if not monday ???

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