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Good NHS dentist needed for scardie cat

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I had a recent visit to a dentist for a crown, the whole experience left me absolutely petrified to return !! im looking for a dentist that is patient and OK with patients who are scared





if its for a "scardie cat" - wouldn't a vet be better? :hihi::hihi:

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Unfortunately the one I would really recommend has a waiting list of up to a year.....I went to Wheata Dental Clinic at Parson Cross. It is run bt Charles Clifford students and tutors but they are absolutely fabulous at reassuring you and helping you get through your treatments. I don't need to go for a year as I now have dentures but if it was not for them I would still be putting up with a mouth full of awful teeth.

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We go to Adrian Dunning at Dronfield. I don't think he does NHS anymore (for adults) only for the children of those in the scheme. We are in the scheme that he runs which is really good value. I would definitely recommend him. I was petrified when I first went there but even though I am still not keen I know I am in good hands. He is a great believer in prevention as opposed to waiting until it is too late and you needing treatment. I have not had any problems for about five years.

Hope you find someone who you can trust, good luck :)

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