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  1. Yellow matter custard green snot pie dead dogs giblets green cats eyes mix em all together, nice and thick wash em all down with a cup of cold sick 😩🤢 ............ another rude one.... milk, milk, (pointing at the boobs) lemonade (pointing at urine outlet) round the corner, chocolates made (pointing at the bottom-hole) ........... Arsehole, 💩*pot, bloody bugger damn! Somebodys pinched our bloody babbies pram! If I find the bugger, they won't pinch another! Arsehole, 💩pot, bloody bugger damn! ..... eeeny, meeny miny mo, sit the baby on the Poe, when it's done, wipe its bum, with a piece of chewing gum!
  2. Thank you all. I've wrote to The retailer, got nowhere with them. Wrote to the manufacturer, still waiting to hear back. Im pretty sure it's got nothing to do with the temperature, as I don't think it's been cold enough. I tried it in the recent warm weather, and it still won't work. Ive no room in the house for it. Ill try the float switch, thank you. If that doesn't work, looks like I'll have to try and sell it. Might move it into living room for testing.
  3. Hello, I hope someone can help! I bought a tumble drier in October 2017, so it is only just over a year old, and out of guarantee. We placed it in the garage, which is unheated. The first winter it worked fine, but it went wrong just before Christmas and , it only works for about 5 minutes then cuts off. The indicator says that the water container is full (it isn't). I've also cleaned the condenser and the filters. When I looked through the instruction book a couple of months ago, it said that the drier shouldn't be placed in areas of extreme cold or heat, but of course I had already bought it then, and in fact used it for the whole of last winter. I havent got anywhere else to put it. I don't want to call anyone out and pay a call out charge if the same problem will occur, or if it can't be fixed. Its a Zanussi and cost me £299, so I feel a bit angry and cheated. Bear in mind it's a condenser type, not one with a pipe which goes out the window. Any experts on on here who can advise? I can't even sell it in its present state, as I'm not sure if it will work or not in normal temperatures. Thank you.
  4. Found this thread by accident, but I know that you can buy saffron in Tesco on the Wicker.
  5. MonkeyLover

    Food Game

    Tripe and onions......
  6. I saw this just after it had happened. I was a few cars behind it, and had to turn around. The fire brigade hadn't arrived by then.
  7. MonkeyLover

    Food Game

  8. Some stuff to stop a rug sliding about on a hard floor.
  9. Thank you. After a really big effort trying to get someone to take me, hanging on phone for half hour to get appointment, hobbling to the car and squashing my legs in which don't bend, and then another half hour waiting to go in, I finally got to see the doc. She's given me some new tablets, so hopefully will get some sleep tonight!
  10. Hi Does anyone else on here suffer from the above condition? I was diagnosed with it about 5 years ago in my left leg. The pain has been very hit-and -miss until about 3 weeks ago, but has now intensified beyond belief! It has happened since I had my right knee replaced so,I am wondering if it is a contributory factor, coincidence, or the tablets I'm on for the pain, the way I'm walking, they way I'm sleeping etc. It is horrendous pain, which is severe cramp in my left thigh, always in the same place, up to 3-4 times per night (and sometimes in the daytime) it wakes me up screaming in agony. My leg is also numb and tingly the rest of the time. I'm fed up with the pain in both legs. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. Hijacked this thread because I wanted to ask the same question. So, what do the numbers mean? Which one is best? 8x30 or 10x40? Thank you x
  12. Some staff work at Tesco to provide extra income while at university, some do it for "pin" money, some do it just because they want to! Makes no difference whether they have a "decent education" or not. ---------- Post added 17-09-2017 at 19:07 ---------- I work for Tesco, and I'm happy in my work. The pay is about average for shopworkers I believe. We are shortly going to get a good pay rise as well. We have a good pension scheme and also get 10% off all our shopping. There are other benefits too.
  13. Spending 2 hours looking for my phone. Then I remembered where I had put it - on a pile of bricks in the garage.
  14. I work in retail, my contracted hours include Sunday, for which I get paid time-and-a-half. So I'm quite happy to do it, and means I get more time off in the week.
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