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  1. Good luck , we’ve been in a similar situation for 3 years , Boise disturbance , vermin in gardens , openly drug dealing , obvious safeguarding issues with elderly occupant and other criminal activity. Refusal of entry to the property. All they wanted us to do was fill in a book detailing the information , nothing done we all
  2. My nannan spend Jan-July there last year , before she sadly passed. As a family we would highly recommend it , activities, food , medical needs and support was a high quality, nice settings and staff were great. I never saw a resident without a smile on their face.
  3. I know the exact place your in about. I would be very surprised if the chickens were in that location as it's such a small shaped garden.
  4. It's worth nipping into tesco's and asking. I used to work at aviva behind there and they use to let weekly car park passes to local businesses for very good prices. All the money went to a charity.
  5. Is her husband going to be in the spinal unit for a fixed time for investigations or is it indefinitely at the moment ?
  6. Hi I've seen a poster advertising a mad hatters tea party. I think it's a charity event at netheredge. I need to check poster or have a look on Facebook for exact times etc. Depending on ages of your girls that might be a nice idea. I'm planning on taking my girls aged 2&6
  7. Ring your dr up tomorrow (I wouldn't trek to him, if your bad). Explain the situation and ask for a drs note. I go to gleadless medical centre, they've always been fine with me doing this. Hope it gets better.
  8. I know it's not s1 or 2 but chesterfield rd s8 , are crying out for volunteers. I think both oxfam and arthritis society are wanting people , pretty much everyday.
  9. Apologies for my lack of basic English language skills - I do struggle a little with it sometimes. I did try and avoid text speak. However, the point of this post was to one 1. Warn parents not to fall in this trap, if they spot the Micky mouse. 2. See if anyone else had seen her. 3. See if anyone knew where I could report this too. And been very controversial , warn others the latest trick "these people " are up to. FYI- I probably wouldn't have given her the money I was so gobsmacked at what she did, at the time. Hindsight is a good thing, thee are some very lucky people on this forum , who are so clever they never did something and wished afterwards the didn't!
  10. Walking down fargate today and my daughters spotted a Micky mouse character. We walked over and the costume was dirty and the lady inside handed my kids a balloon. She then charged me £2 for the privilege. Had she not already handed the balloons to my kids, I would of told her where to go. I gave her the £2 and checked to see if she had any badges for charity/ fundraising - but no. I tried to engage her in a conversation but she couldn't speak much English. Is this even allowed ? On our way through town we must have seen a couple of dozen kids with the same balloons. Someone must have had a profitable day!
  11. Really is there any need for negative comments. Just because lad was standing in a car park, does it mean that's ok to mug him- no. We've all been a little more relaxed after a drink, and perhaps have not been as safety concerned as we normally would be. Your comment is stupid! I hope the guy gets his cards etc protected as he'll obviously never see the wallet or phone again.
  12. I wanted to bring my two children. Do you know if it's easy to get to on public transport ? I've checked sypte and there are buses, but do they stop at the entrance or is it a walk along a road with pathways .
  13. Thoughts are with the business owners, staff and customers who have purchased from there. Hope there were no people injured.
  14. Oh no. Doesn't sound too good. I'm just off east bank near dares bury, not heard anything.
  15. I think your comments regarding Iceland, lowering the tone are a little harsh. Especially since the new dev is across from jack Fulton - what would be your plans , to not renew jack futons lease as it's not posh enough ? Agree about the scc should have limited food outlets , it seems not a fair deal for the stall holders
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