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  1. Really disappointed tonight. I turned every light off to remember those 75 years ago and the council just left every light on they could. 2 mins of lights out wouldn't have hurt. My parents were young children in the blitz, aged 6 and 10, they would have been so frightened, may the people who died RIP. Feel so let down by our council but too late now.
  2. Hi There is a company on Pilsley Road, Lower Pilsley, Chesterfield, near Jackson's bakery that gives pallets away, they may be able to help
  3. I lived at 255 St Philips Road when I was a child. It was not far from the garage near Joe's. I loved going to Joe's, he was always cheerful. My Mum and Dad were called Edna and Bernard Naylor, we left there in about 1971 ish, I have a sister called Gillian. Such great memories living there. Lovely to see this thread x
  4. Our bin man is brilliant, we don't have wheelie bins so we bag our rubbish in black bin bags and he collects them every week and leaves new black bags. He never complains and is really nice to chat to when we see him, 100% excellent service.
  5. We have been here today for an 18th celebration birthday party and I can not fault them. From the moment we walked in until the moment we walked out we felt like royalty. Brilliant place, great prices and staff that can not do enough for you. I might add that I found this place by default, I am so pleased I did, I will be back and always promote them, 100 % +++ recommended Thank you for making our daughters 18th birthday party so special, Lv Di x:)
  6. Well done to the company. I use to see them when I visited my Mum and Dad but since they passed away I no longer go there. I use to think, how the hell do they do that? I wouldn't have the nerve to go up to the crane never mind anything else. Well done to the company, one day I will drive up there to see the great work they have done xx
  7. Hi You can usually sleep in a put up bed next to your childs bed, hope all goes well for you
  8. Thanks Grayham, if we can ever help you please let us know. We would be more than willing to help you and others on this thread, thanks everyone, we hope you all have a great life and a brilliant Christmas. You never know Santa may even bring her a new phone he he thanks Lv Di x
  9. Hi All The lady has followed the advice given on here and after a bit of trial and error she has managed to retrieve her photographs which is great news, she wants to thank you all for the advice a good wishes. Re the person who caused this upset, all I can say is try to change your ways as 'what goes around comes around' Thank you all for your help and advice and a big thank you to Grayham for his/her generous offer, this post shows there are more good people than those who are not so good out there. Thanks Di x
  10. Thank you Grayham, that is so kind of you. I will speak to her tomorrow and see if she needs the support. Thanks Di x
  11. Hi All Thank you for all of your advice. I will show her these messages as I don't understand some of the things that has been mentioned on here, I am sure she will as she is more technical than me. Also thank you V Ross for the kind words. Thanks Di x
  12. Thank you but no, just took the photo's on her phone. It was so sudden didn't think to do anything like saving them anywhere else. So sad, she has her memory's but would have liked the photos to go with them. We as a company would willingly buy the phone back and the photos anonymously, just need the photos back please. please help if you can, the photos are worth more than the phone. Thanks Lv Di x
  13. Hi I am not sure,will ask her. I am no good at the technical things. She is devastated that the photos have gone. She has been through so much and helps so many other people even now. I just hope it was worth it to the person who stole it from her. They would only know how much it means to her if it ever happened to them which I really hope it doesn't. so sad x
  14. Hi all Just want to say that one of my employees had her phone taken last Thursday at Westfield Sports School swimming baths at Halfway Sheffiled. I realise that some people need to do such things as they struggle to feed kids, pay bills etc which we all understand. My problem is that this phone has some really great pics on it, these pics will never be able to be taken again as they included the owners sister on who died at the tender age of 33. Our staff member is not asking for her phone back, just the sim card that has these pics on. Please please please, keep the phone, it is a material item that will be replaced but the photos will never be replaced. Please post the sim card to Mill Cottage, Plisley Road, Lower Pilsley Chesterfield S45 8DL Thank you so much, if you can not afford a stamp that is ok just write on the envelope to be paid on arrival, thanks Di x:)
  15. So sad to hear this. My thoughts are with their families xx
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