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Any first aid courses for general public in Sheffield?


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does anybody know of any first aid courses in Sheffield? I searched the Red Cross and St John's website but there doesn't seem to be any course in Sheffield, the nearest is in Leeds.


I have done a 1st course years and years ago when I took my driving test and had one update since and I certainly don't feel confident enough now to be able to handle an emergency situation and I want to change that!


Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated - many thanks!

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Hi Mart,

yes, you're right there, St Johns do First Aid Courses (and actually quite a few other ones too) but I haven't seen anything in Sheffield on their website.

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Hi Zippy,

oh thanks for that, I guess I haven't checked thouroughly through all the first aid categories when I looked for courses. So there is one in February and one in April coming up, that's suits me fine.


And thanks to cgksheff too, I wondered whether there were any other organisations which offered first aid.

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Thanks for your replies


Hi Taekwondo, thanks for your pm, pm'd you back


Hi Gracie, could you let me have more details? When/where/costs and what the course covers? I wonder why I didn't see any info on that on the Red Cross website?

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