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  1. drive offs hide an uninsured vehicle hide a vehicle from bailiffs
  2. the problem is most vehicles are in the hands of steering wheel operatives not drivers
  3. as a guess an incident which the air desk felt was appropriate for the air ambulance to attend , alternatively the responder / crew asked for a pre-hospital Doctor and the air ambulance was the most convenient one .
  4. however your assertion that UPS is part of the US postal service is incorrect ...
  5. DHL and Deutsche post are part of the same group , but UPS and USPS are totally seperate concerns . but then again facts are never s strong suit for the clause4istas
  6. don;t forget that Royal mail exists to provide income for CWU members anything else is just a side effect, ---------- Post added 08-12-2016 at 22:32 ---------- if it is sent through the postal system in a place where DHL is the the post provider it will quite often end up with RM or Parcelforce for the Uk leg...
  7. the curtailment of a lawful joke excuse for assaults occasionaning actual bodily hamr in the name of discipline has nothign t o do with the falling standards of behaviour ... corporal punishment actually teaches violence as a norm . the law does not prevent parents from disciplining their children, it does however prevent them from treatign them as chattells or from using force that would amount to a battery or ABH in any other situation.
  8. a product unsuitable for use a road surface and does not take account of damage to services or structures ...
  9. constant and costly relaying of surfaces, although the type of tree does have an impact on this suwe to root formatios
  10. really ? and in the next breath you'll be moaning aobut being snactioned and then re starts the cycle of 'there's no jobs ' - 'wouldn;t do that job' - ' why do they never advertise the supervisor / FLM roles ' -' rather stay on the dole' - ' evil fancy dress animal sadist tory toffs have sanctioned me '
  11. for how long ? the presence of mature trees near roads or paths means ocnstant and costly relaying of the surface
  12. that is desperation to justify your own criminality ...
  13. primarily becasue they are scientifically illerate and do not understand the the risks in proper comparison - there is no 'safe' level of use of various drugs of misuse in the absence of clinical criteria fortheir use being met and arguably no safe level of use of tobacco ... ---------- Post added 19-11-2016 at 14:42 ---------- Most of the desired drugs of misuse are perfectly legal , if you have the necessary clinical need to possess and take / administer them ... I have walked down the street with significant quantities of class As in my control completely legally.
  14. incorrect , it is possible to be in legal posession of several grams of cocaine ... or morphine or even a gram or two of ket ...
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