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Page for five-a-side players/teams to link up

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I noticed that many five-a-side teams in Sheffield are looking for players and vice versa so I have set up a Facebook page for people to leave details and link up with each other.


The page is for:


Players looking for teams at any standard.


Teams looking for players.


For weekly or one off matches.


Feel free to join the group:




The group email is: sheffieldfas@groups.facebook.com


If you are not a Facebook user and want me to post you something, just drop me a message.

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Looking to join a 5/6-a-side team to play on a Mon or Thurs evening between 6-10pm. I've just moved (back) to Sheffield after getting a new job.


I've played 5-a-side for the past few years in a league in Newcastle, the team played in the 2nd division of 4, so consider myself a fairly decent standard.


So, if any teams are looking for a player, preferably to play at Goals drop me a PM.





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Hi I'm Yinka and I've played 5 aside football regularly in manchester. I have not played for 6 months now and I'm in Sheffield fulltime.. i would like to join a team for fun or in a division. please let me know if you're looking for players

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