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Page for five-a-side players/teams to link up

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We could do with a couple more players for our Monday night game at Powerleague (Pitz, Attercliffe).


Nothing too serious although fairly competitive.


Ages range from 20 to 40.


6pm start. 4 quid each.


Please get in touch if you would like to join us.




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Looking to join a 5/6-a-side team to play on a Mon or Thurs evening between 6-10pm. I've just moved (back) to Sheffield after getting a new job.


I've played 5-a-side for the past few years in a league in Newcastle, the team played in the 2nd division of 4, so consider myself a fairly decent standard.


So, if any teams are looking for a player, preferably to play at Goals drop me a PM.






hi mate i saw your add on sheffield forum about 5 a side and was just wondering if you wer still looking for a team' if you are email me at cjh2323@hotmail.co.uk

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Hi guys, we are struggling to find a goal keeper for a game this evening at goals (8.30pm kick off) Both the first choice and back up keepers are out injured. If anyone is available and wants to play in net for us please give me a shout.

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