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  1. My mate just bought a vehicle from Chris Denton cars just off Europa Way recently. Excellent after sales service!
  2. No, there's some genuinely well off people, but then there's the ones who have everything on credit and go in the Mason's every weekend to show off what they don't actually own! ---------- Post added 26-03-2018 at 11:08 ---------- That isn't just at Rotherham, it's all over. Wickersley may be next to Sunnyside, but it's also next to Brecks, Bramley and Morthen. For example, my mate lives in Gleadless...
  3. Wickersley is dearer because there's a lot of ten Bob millionaires who live there, but there's also a few pubs, restaurants, shops and bars all within walking distance. You'll definitely get more for your money renting or buying in the likes of Maltby or Bramley than you will at Wickersley. Tickhill and Bawtry are nice, but you may also find they're quite desirable, like Wickersley, so the house prices are dearer. Travel to Sheffield isn't bad at all on public transport, someone mentioned the X1 bus - you can be in town from Wickersley in 10-15 mins, then a short train ride to Sheffield. Or, if she drives, straight down the motorway on to the parkway.
  4. Wickersley, Bramley, Hellaby, Ravenfield, Brecks, Whiston, Maltby (certain parts) are all nice places in Rotherham, within easy reach of Doncaster. Plus, you have a number of different ways to get there, so if there's an issue on the motorway, you can go the back way via Micklebring or Conisbrough.
  5. That was for both block paving bricks or pattern imprinted concrete. Stuff like Indian stone is a lot dear, from about £75-120 psqm
  6. We've had lots of quotes for various things to be done. Depending on what you want, our quotes were coming in at roughly £50 psqm
  7. What's that got to do with the price of fish? Why the comparison between jobs? They're both responsible jobs, just different types of responsibility. Sounds like a daily Wail article, when someone doesn't have a clue about either job. Nurses and healthcare staff have had their conditions eroded and pretty much pay cuts for years. Staffing levels are at critical levels and targets are unrealistic.
  8. Had ours done by MHA roofing in Rotherham. Very good job, highly recommended.
  9. No there isn't. It's only noticed more because there's nothing people like to moan about more than trains. Nobody constantly moans about the queues on the parkway or motorways. Given that the trains carry more people, at higher speeds, it's inevitable that when problems occur, it causes lots of disruption. Until you've driven a 2500 tonne train with containers on in 80mph gusts, you'll not really understand the situation. A few years ago, a container was blown off a train on the east coast main line. Luckily, nobody was injured.
  10. I've only had windows replaced, not repaired. For removing mold, just wipe some Bleach across it,then wipe it down. Depending on what needs resealing, if it's just the Caulk, why not have a bash yourself? Put masking tape either side and then have a go and then smooth it down with a wet finger.
  11. We're kind of in the middle of doing a similar thing. House had been rewired a few years ago, and due to tight funds, we're generally doing one room at a time. Had all the windows replaced upstairs and redone all 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom has been stripped back to the bare walls, replastered, new skirting, door, door frame, coving, wardrobes built, decorated, then new carpet. I did all decorating etc, just left other bits to pro's I know. My thought is do each room right, do it once, then next time it only needs repainting and maybe carpet.
  12. Give Billy a ring at Mha roofing in Rotherham. 100% trustworthy and a reasonable price. https://www.yell.com/biz/mha-roofing-rotherham-7578137/
  13. So you want someone to come and chop it all up for you and you'll give them half?
  14. Yeah I've done it twice. Take meter readings of both old house and new, as, no matter what you say to the companies, they'll lose them. Have some spare light bulbs to hand for the new house. When I left my old house, I left all the manuals for built in appliances, bin schedule and a few takeaway menus too, it's nice for the next residents. I just hired a van and did it myself, with a bit of help.
  15. I use MHA roofing in Rotherham. They're reliable and reasonably priced.
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