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  1. Thanks once again. We are now expecting an initial quote and I am looking to get an idea if this is reasonable, compared to the prices I can expect to be charged elsewhere. I am not expecting to use materials other than block paving or asphalt, depending on the costs involved. I have been advised that these alternatives are sound, assuming the underlying base layers are laid correctly - to a sufficient depth and compacted in the proper way. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all your further replies. We have a builder visiting this weekend who I trust to do a good job, but I would value any recommendations to other companies that have laid drives for any other people on the forum. Any suggestions for companies that are pleasant to deal with and do good work?
  3. Thansk - I'd not considered anything like the stone you mention. I'm just considering either aphalt or some form of block paving. Main consideration is how durable the surfaces are. I've been told that icy conditions and the use of rock salt to clear snow can damage some materials used for surfacing.
  4. Great thanks - actually less than I was thinking :-) What type of surface was that for?
  5. I am in the process of arranging for a builder to construct a new drive at our home. Ahead of any quotes I get, does anyone have a good idea how much a new drive should cost per square meter? The price will include digging out the drive space, removal of waste material, laying a hard core foundation layer and likely surfacing with tarmac. Some surface water drainage channels and edging will also be also required. Can anyone give a ball park figure of what I should expect to pay on a per square meter basis? Thanks
  6. We had them from there ages ago - it was the gammon steak I had really put me off and made me wonder what all the fuss was about. I have to admit to not being a big fan of processed meat in general, but there are some excellent sausages available from places like Beeches and I do enjoy those. As I say, the pies from 'Kevin's Pies' are also definitely worth a try.
  7. I was referring to the Crawshaw's who are now supplying pies and sausages in our local grocer and who supply the Rhinegold Nursery cafe on Loxley Valley Road. I think this is the same butcher as the one who owns the shop in Hillsborough Barracks? We didn't enjoy the meat from these places. I seem to remember we bought chickens from a butcher of the same name in Sheffield city centre market and they were very nice.
  8. I'm glad you and other people here enjoy Crawshaw's meats, but I've never understood the fuss. I've tried them - but only once. We found them (and their other meats) poor quality with chewy skins. Had a Crawshaw's gammon steak and it was rubbish - fatty and tough. Our local grocer at Stannington stocked Chris Beech's sausages for quite a while as she said they had a much higher meat content than Crawshaw's. We tried their shop on South Road and they stock some great stuff, IMO. Had some 'Kevin's pies' from their last week. Great. Also, - if you can get to Bradfield farmer's market, Bradfield Meats sausages are usually very nice. The ones at the Our Cow Molly shop at Dungworth are also great, if a bit pricey. Their Venison sausages are very tasty.
  9. A simple fix if you have a later version of Photoshop. Use the content aware fill option. You could just clone it out in a previous version, or cut and paste some of the surrounding landscape over the spot. Hope that helps.
  10. Yeah - I do like the Thornbridge Brewery stuff. Some of its a bit strong, but the pale ales are very good. Beer and a bit of bokeh - can't beat it.
  11. Very nice shots twoflags:-) I envy you the trip to Venice!
  12. Hi - I thought I'd post a few shots from 2015. Comments welcome:-) Anyone else got any to show from the last 12 months?
  13. Thanks again for all your responses. We will be getting Frank at Loxley to inspect our car on Tuesday. I'm not sure if he deals with more complex jobs like cam belt changes. Atkinsons sound good, because I found they are recommend on the Good Garage Scheme website. Not come across that before - seems to be a good resource. for recommendations etc.... Anyhow, no hitches with the new car. Bought a Honda Civic and it had got us to the in laws and back without a hitch. They live in Redcar nr Middlesbrough, so a nice long test drive! Car was great on the M way - felt very safe in it. Very smooth and quiet. Happy New Year to you all.
  14. Great - thanks for your recommendations. Finding a decent mechanic is a nightmare, isn't it? Merry Christmas, anyhow.
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