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  1. Most trad Irish pubs do that ..especially if a rebel bands been on .. ---------- Post added 21-10-2017 at 23:41 ---------- Good on him ..never heard that.. I remember when Daley Thompson got slated for not respectfully whistling God save the queens
  2. Palestinian Free Trade Dates from local Oxfam Shop.. finest Dates you'll buy in the uk
  3. That shows how much you know ... "crusades"..hardly ..it's modern.. The western imperialists took over much of the Arab world after the fall of the ottoman empire... they also supported the al Saud and their allies in the arabian peninsula for decades before then, as allies against the ottoman empire.. They also supported wholesale the Zionist project . They are in no way impartial. Most of the trouble as you put it in the Middle East today is from then.. The al Sauds were allied with the wahabists and have spread that since along with oil. The Zionist settlement of Palestine was also started in haste since 1917.. with the added addition of the Sykes picot plan and the division of the Levant. It's ironic you mentioned Lloyd George ..his government produced the Balfour declaration 100 years ago this year.. one of the biggest reasons for the current situation in Palestine and the Levant region today. The British , French and US empires have played a massive part in the upheaval not just in the Arab world but in most of the Global South.. hardly impartial
  4. I never heard of this until a month back ..kept thinking they were saying "takin' an E" 'Bending the knee' means something completely different in these Isles
  5. Ontario. Lloyd George was on one side of the Irish v British dispute over home rule.. he wasn't impartial on the event. I don't see what relation what he said has having anything to do with Palestine apart from his govt creating the balfour declaration that decided the Brit govt would give Palestine to the Zionist Federation. Another point .. Palestine like Ireland is not really about religion.. The Zionists leadership pre 1970s were by enlarge Atheists.. a famous quote “We do not believe in God, but he nonetheless promised us Palestine”
  6. Classic Tune SKIBEREEN by the Dubliners (Ronnie Drew - Vocals)
  7. What's utd's 3rd kit like ..(the one against nffc)??
  8. I noted comments by you on this thread previously that were blatantly islamophobic and ignorantly(maybe)anti semitic.. I've read your rightwing posts on here before skyline photos.. Anyway everything else I said still stands..
  9. Nice story. Racism is a disgusting disease .. shame some folk are unaware of the effects of it
  10. You don't know what you are talking about .. but I know from your comments that your opinion is based in your islamophobia The Palestinians were ethnically cleansed in 1948 by a white western colonial project .. 96% of the native population were kicked out of their country ..then in 1967 the zionists further occupied the West bank and Gaza strip, and the zionists have attacked and occupied Lebanon before they were kicked out. The treatment of the Palestinian population that the zionists either try to subjugate, eradicate via forced transfers or massacres is well documented ..to list the crimes of Zionism on a non white people ie the Palestinians is one of the biggest on going crimes of the last 70 years .. no amount of Zionist or racist propaganda can hide that. As for the PLO and other groups... when a people are oppressed and occupied they have a right to resist .. If Britain was occupied and 90% of Britons were kicked out of England Scotland and had to flee to Wales.. what would you do... ?? Isreal is a racist state no amount of denying it can change the reality..
  11. I've posted links comments along with others on this thread about isreal. As for the PA I really don't get that question .. you could create a thread on it. NB. Do you consider bnp edl fn or ukip or the old South afrika regime fascist?
  12. ^^Most racist, uneducated comment ever.. ' say no more ---------- Post added 20-10-2017 at 15:01 ---------- Do you consider bnp edl fn or ukip or the old South afrika regime fascist?
  13. Poland or Ukraine maybe Russia.. some think spain
  14. No he was born in Palestine, Levant according to Orthodoxy, apparently his tomb is in Lydda in Palestine. He was a Byzantine soldier. Turkey didn't exist until 1917... Anatolia was over run by the Turks in 16th century..
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