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  1. Workers owning the business LOL!!! many of them will be having to find another business to work in soon if Royal Mail follows the familar pattern of the other privatised companies. The others lucky enough to survive the chop, can look forwards to wage erosion and a general decline in their hard-won terms of employment. The only people who'll benefit from this are the ConDems wealthy friends and backers in the City.
  2. It's been shakey for the last 3 years and they haven't fully privatised anything yet! ---------- Post added 10-07-2013 at 19:41 ---------- No it won't be the unions fault you thickett, it will be the ConDems who privatised it.
  3. This move to the right you're talking about is I think a temporary situation. Even if you conbine Ukip/Tory/BNP support this does only amounts to around low to mid 40's in%. I think that there will be a backlash at some point in this country as the inequalities between the wealthy and the rest continue to grow and the Bankers etc who fuelled the boom which lead to the credit crunch go unpunished.
  4. I remember the place, but never got as close as you did!
  5. The thread is essentially about how many people usually ex Tory or far-right sympathisers, now support Ukip and it's effect on Tory support, though I don't deny Labour has lost a bit of support to the Ukip loons, it is the right-wing parties which have suffered while Ukip have prospered.
  6. The worst job I could think of would be a slaughterman in an abattoir, must be so depressing.
  7. Yes there was a big dip as the World-wide credit crunch kicked in, but they had got the economy moving again with 5 quarters of growth........until the ConDems turned wiped the growth out and we have been flatlining ever since.
  8. Your memory seems to be playing tricks on you, North Sea oil revenues peaked in 1985 - Thatcher used these monies to finance the mass unemployment she created by closing much of the UK's manufacturing base and to later fuel the great boom and bust of the late '80's and early 90's.
  9. What about the antics of the Countryside Alliance then Anarchist, when they not only fought with police on their march to support foxhunting (which Labour banned) but also invaded the House of Commons.
  10. I don't think even if all the remaining Lib-Dem members signed-up, It would distort the poll!
  11. Great story Cuttsie! Saturday night will never feel quite the same without the Green'Un. Always used to love getting back into town after an away game and the thrill of re-living the match again by reading the Green 'Un' report by Ian Vickers or Paul Thompson, especially of course, if The Owls had won! Used to love the old letters page too, had a few printed over the years but never won a Stones 4 pack!
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