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  1. Hi we were driving home along Sheffield parkway around 18:30 just before the slip road for handworth. Me and my daughter both seen what looked like a roe deer. I didn’t say anything, I thought I was seeing things, then my daughter said can we go and have a look at what she said was definitely a roe deer I’ve had a read on internet and I can’t find anything. Has anyone else seen them?
  2. Hi I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction my wife's brake pads needed to be replace so I have managed to do one side no problem but I have now got down to the piston on the other side my piston tool has broken and I am not able to get the piston back in can anybody recommend what to do I've managed to get someone out Tuesday but we could do with car tomorrow thanks for looking
  3. I have been diagnosed with depression I've had it for 30 years waking up with the first thought is killing myself every day for no reason I think about a few times a day I've had 2 fail attempts thank god it failed I do go to my doctor I was put on tablets and told me not to work I stayed in bed until someone came home not answering phone not opening blinds I was getting worse at home so I got myself a job after 5 years of being on sick I'm 42 now I've got to go for assessment for autism that's what they think is the cause of my depression I love it when people say you don't have anything to be depressed about people say to me I'm depressed so I tell them what I go through and they say no I don't think I have it now like people have said in this post people get depression mixed up with being fed up and sad. I'm sorry if it's hard to make sense of this
  4. Scc pay veolia for waste veolia then pay some profit to scc and scc fine veolia if a bin is missed and fine them for daft things. Bin wagon driver's will be on around £25-£30 per hour for bank holidays and loaders will be on around £20 a hour that is where the money go's a loader and driver start at 6.30am some are finished work at 10am and get paid the full 8 hours and get paid over time in there normal hours. And as for everyone who does recycle properly it is a big help and thanks for them who put dog poo, bags of sick anything you can think of so please don't think you are doing it fot scc or veolia your doing for someone who starts at 8am and the first thing you get is a bag full of food and maggots all over all for £7.20 i did it for 5 years
  5. Marsh lane Facebook page says it is on today
  6. One price for both we went last year and some kind lady gave us a week's pass for 4 for £20 we went evey day and loved it
  7. Thanks for you advice I was told at scrap yard if I can bring it down I get £75 but that is the problem I can't get it down
  8. Hi my daughter has a Peugeot 206 she is thinking of scrapping it can anyone tell me how much it is worth please it is a runner just has problems with gearbox and battery is dead hope someone can help thanks
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