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  1. Hi, I used to live just on from the ridge, so as a guess I would say around 1962/3ish, why do you want to know, I could ask my brother as he used to go in there.
  2. Thanks to everyone for there help and ideas I had to admit defeat this morning and call out Mr computer man and after a breif look at my machine we have now commited it to the computer shop in the sky!!!!! The motherboard has finaly had enough and blown up and no longer functions Once again thanks to one and all for your input
  3. I now think it has gone from bad to WORSE!!!!!! I turn the compter on and press F8 but then it dosen't matter if I ask it to boot from the cd or the hard-drive i get NOTHING-ZILCH-NADA, Just a black screen WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thank you for the offer of lending me a disc, the only problem is that i live in MALLORCA, SPAIN and I need it fixed asap!!! with the current postal system in the uk that could be any time between now and 3 years next tuesday lol:hihi:
  5. I have no way of knowing if the windows disc is faulty as I don't have another one to try!!!!
  6. do you meen bad hard disc or bad windows disc?????
  7. I have now added an internal cd drive and tried once again to load windows......it goes through the process of checking the computer asking me where i want to install windows etc then reboots and then.......NOTHING i don't even get the error message now just a blank screen. I have tried to boot from the cd again so that it may take me back to the windows setup screen but....NOTHING!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH anybody have anymore ideas????? YOURS SOON TO BE BALD!!!!!
  8. conver/born winner: when i go into the bios and look at the "main" the "serial ATA master recognises the hard drive that is in neeeeeeeeeek: yes that is the exact error message that is on my screen, my old drive was a seagate baracuda 7200, have not changed anything else and yes i just pluged the new one straight into where the old one was. The old drive crashed and wouldnt let me even format it which is why i got a new one thinkng that it was the harddrive at fault. i have tried pressing F8 but dont get the option of safe mode incase you havent noticed i am a bit of a novice when it comes to this stuff my dad used to sort all the computer stuff when it went wrong!! (he's not here anymore hence me trying to do it!!!!!!!!!)
  9. it is a sata drive, I started the windows install by putting the windows disc into the external cd/dvd drive, starting the computer, pressing f8 and selecting the cd/dvd drive to boot. yes it did give me the option to format and partition the drive. yes it rebooted after the initial setup, but it did not carry on thats when it came up and said error loadig operating system no the old drive wouldnt boot which is why i got another drive (plus i wanted more space) the fresh install was because it came with nothing on it i.e windows was not loaded
  10. just in case it makes a difference, I am using an external usb cd/dvd drive
  11. is this an error loading from the CD or an error loading the XP you just installed ? the message came up after i had installed xp onto the new had-drive What happened when you 'tried to install' your windows XP? Did it all install ok, or did you get error messages? Sounds like it has not installed properly, for whatever reason. Personally, I'd start again. the first install was faulty so i tried again and it went in 100% but i still get the message
  12. hope someone can help!!!!! I have just got a new hard drive (WD 500GB Caviar Internal Hard Drive 16MB cache) I have tried to install my windows xp and now i get "error loading operating system" I have tried pressing F8, F6, F12, Del but nothing, I have an external cd/dvd drive i can get to the menu by pressing F12 and select for it to read the cd drive but NOTHING, this is now driving me insane and i now have no clue on what to do next PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  13. Hi All I hope someone can help, I have been given a tomtom one 3rd edition by a mate but it is in DUTCH!!! can anyone tell me if there is anywhere to download the english language for it. Many Thanks
  14. the name shentall seems to ring a bell faintly in the back of my mind, some people I knew in that area were, earnie wake ( he used to knock about with my brother philip, walkers, myers, I used to live on the corner of Bracken rd/Wincobank Ave, the next door neighbours were longfords, if you could ask your mum for some more info on people she used to knock about with/ went to school with it might help. thanks
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