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  1. I for one was not impressed by Corbyn wearing an anorack with a hood for the Cenotaph commemoration this morning. Shades of Michael Foot when he was Labour leader wearing a donkey jacket. all the ex Prime Ministers wore black overcoats and showed respect, and showing respect is what it's about.
  2. I note that this is supposed to be about the Labour Party. Labour no longer exists sadly, it's been taken over by Momentum so I think the party of which Corbyn is leader should be re named The Momentum Party.
  3. This is so amateurish, the Russians and Putin are treating us with contempt and taking the <removed>
  4. Labour haven't a cat in hell's chance of ever returning to power until Corbyn and his momentum crowd are left behind to be replaced by a sensible left of centre party as it used to be.
  5. I was at school at same time as padders. Left in 1958 and was head boy with Margaret Vessy who was head girl
  6. if you want to give him a real treat you only have to go as far as Netherthorpe airfield where he can fly in a vintage Tiger Moth and have a feel at the controls. Now that is real prop flying!
  7. Shaun Hanson was killed when HMS Ardent was bombed. HMS Sheffield was hit by an Exocet missile which didn't explode but the rocket motor which was still running set the ship on fire. She sank some three days later.
  8. mention of legalising cannabis is a daft idea. A couple of joints affect the brain to the same degree as a pint of beer and then these idiots get behind a wheel and kill or maim someone. It's a pretty sad person who needs drugs to find life interesting.
  9. The EU has decided that Leeds cannot apply for the city of culture because of the results of the referendum even though countries like Norway, which are not members of the EU, can apply. Is it about time we told Brussels to go play with itself and just leave this corrupt organisation pronto?
  10. Yes, Hobbies on St Pauls Parade. a good selection of kits, model aero engines, fuel and balsa wood, tissue, dope etc. happy days!
  11. the best answer is for shops to go back to paper bags which are fully degradable.
  12. Yes as the establishment was officially known as HMS Scylla the old figure head from that ship was mounted on a plinth complete with flag pole at the main gate. HMS Scylla was a screw steam corvette launched at Sheerness dockyard in 1886. The figurehead is now preserved at Blue Town Heritage Centre in Sheerness. As mentioned, precision gauges were made there but the nuclear testing of steel was done in Bragg Laboratory in a separate building.
  13. Yes it was on Janson St. In the early part of the last century nearly all the major steel firms had orders for the Admiralty, armour plate, guns etc. Before they got paid for finished work it had to be inspected by Admiralty inspectors to make sure it was up to scratch. So much inspection was required that they decided to establish a permanent base where skilled steel workers also made the precision gauges to test gun barrels and the like. When I worked there it was responsible for all of the north of England and Scotland and inspectors would travel to any firm which was making anything for the MOD. Like all shore based naval establishments it was officially given the name of a ship, in Sheffield's case HMS Scylla. There was method in the strange custom of naming shore based establishments as ship as because it was officially one of her Majesty's ships it meant the local authority had no jurisdiction over it at all. When David Blunkett was leader of Sheffield council he made a remark that Sheffield would always be a nuclear free zone! He didn't know we had a small nuclear research lab there. When it closed and was retracted to London in the early eighties in one of the cost cutting measures I left and joined STD and became a bus driver (no one had any use for a guy who could make a torpedo run in a straight line!) and eventually left as a senior inspector.
  14. I worked for some time at the above. I now live in Scarborough and give talks on the First World War bombardment of the town. During my time at the Admiralty I learned things which are pertinent to the talk, however, I have yet to meet anyone who knew there was any sort of Naval establishment in Sheffield and even more surprisingly few people in Sheffield. How many of you remember it?
  15. I would have thought the cost of producing a passable £1 coin would hardly be worth it considering £1 these days buys very little. Better to produce the £2 coin at least.
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