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  1. Two of my friends have gone to see Take That in manchester today they were so excited but i also have a friend whos going on holiday abroad today and she went on the train to manchester airport and i've had my fingers crossed all day for her getting to the airport on time! Sent her a text say fingers crossed you don't get kidnapped and by Take That fans to watch the show .... if i don't hear from her i'll send out a search party
  2. I can remember the flechers van and the wonderfull brandy snaps and they did milk and other things too! Mom you used to send me so suprised you can remember ever seeing it
  3. It was my sons school who contacted Rygate and after sometime Rygate informed me my son has autism and adhd. Even though the school was aware of this and my son recieved help within the school from outside organisations. There was a couple of times like a mix up at dinner time where my son wanted an item to eat and due to his lack of social skills, he was given something he didn't like. Then because he wouldn't eat his dinner the headteacher and five dinner ladies told him he couldn't play until he had eaten it, he couldn't tell them why and what had happened and just broke down crying. I was told about this by anothier child and went straight to the school and asked for people to be aware of why he didn't say what was wrong. Now a year on he still sits on a table with a special needs teacher understands who him and help him with the simple task of dinner time in a social setting. I have spent a fair amount of time visiting the school talking to teachers about my son. The trouble is every child with autism is different so it maybe helpful to spend abit of time with the people in the school who work with your child so they can hear from you what behaviour you would class as naughty and things you wouldn't agree with in your home. Also talk about triggers, the things that start negative behaviours. My son doesn't like noise so during really noisey activities at school the teacher knows what to look for if my son is distressed and how to help him and not make the situation worse. The key is to work togeather. If you don't feel comfortable doing this there is organisations out there that can help you, i think one is called partnerships for parents. People are sometimes to quick to pull out of schools and this can sometimes cause more distress.
  4. Years ago I went to see a clairoyant and i thought she was brilliant, she talked about people indepth i knew and people who had past away, somethings no one knows thing about you so how do they? hmmm Derren Brown was amazing on last night programe about faith healers, loved it x
  5. Going to see what they say monday, to be honest i should get a large amount back, i only really use magic numbers and thats 25p an hour, and i go on facebook for roughly 15 mins once every 3 days if that, no pic's, no music but loads of texts but dolphin is suppose to give you large amounts of free texts. One day i topped up £20 .... anyone got two cups and a piece of string
  6. I used to down load music from the orange shop and that used to come off my top up but that was with my old phone and number. With the iphone i buy from itunes and it takes money from my bank but i haven't bought music or apps for the last month and before that i had itunes vouchers. £100 in 14 days so far and i haven't sent a picture text or down loaded anything. Like orange said its a fault on account thats stopping my offers. I just wonder what the refund will be? and why has this happened My friends getting iphone on contract and they get free phone and its about £50 a month contract, thats better than £160 a month! be cheaper to use land line
  7. To be honest i don't know what i'm been charged for dophin plan on orange is suppose to be free internet and free texts. I'm guessing if thats not working i'm just getting charged full rate for everything
  8. i top up via text and looking at my text from the 1st of jan upto today, its a hundred pound i've topped up i'm not sure if its the iphone, orange or a combination of the two. I've been on orange for years but on an different number and topped up once a week if that.
  9. I've had an iphone for the last 3 month. I set it up on orange with the dolphin plan and magic numbers. After the first month i realised i was spending a fortune constantly topping up. I phoned orange and they said there was a fault, they reasured me they would sort the problem out followed by a text saying my phone had been up dated. For a while i had free texts and internet then last month my top up attempt was declined. I phoned my bank and they had stopped transactions as they thought my card had been stolen due to the amount of top ups. I then phoned the orange automated service to check i had dolphin and magic numbers to find that i had no magic numbers and dolphin plan so i re-added them. Things seemed ok for a while then again i'm topping up 1-3 times a day! i checked dolphin, magic numbers and they were all on. I then checked my phone fund which i think you get £1 for every ten pound you top up and i have in my phone fund a whopping £50 which is from the end of october,thats £500 in top ups. Furious i phoned orange and asked whats happening. Orange told me there is a fault with my account i have all offers but they are not working and then i spoke to billing and they said they will refund me when they have viewed the account and fix the fault with in 24hrs and they are letting me know monday the refund amount. Has this happened to anyone using an iphone 4 and orange? what do you think the refund will be?
  10. Thank you friday night and back at moms late one again
  11. Me and my sister are up this early because we're still chatting to my wonderful mom as it was her birthday yesterday and we're having a late one love you mom xxx
  12. Hi can you offer some advice to save my friends sanity? My friend has a 7 month old female dog. She bought the dog when she was 8wks old and even though she loves her dog so much, she's considering rehoming her. The dog has a dog pen outside and is also crate trained and was house trained until, three weeks ago! The dog wasn't well for a few days and had the runs. My friend told me the dog was having accidents in her crate, but she had put it down to been poorly. Now the dog is well but has continued to mess in the crate. My friend takes her dog out every day but the dog doe's not do anything on her walks, my friend says this has always been the case. But instead of messing in her pen its now in the crate! My friend for the last week has lengthend her walks (walking for over 2 hrs) hoping her dog would mess and she could give her a treat re-enforcing good behaviour, but my friend hasn't had the chance to treat her. The dog is a large breed and when i saw my friend this morning at school she was really upset because when she woke up there was mess in the crate (as there has been for many mornings), but the house smelt and she was in rush to get her son ready for school, so it had all got to much. She told me the day before she had put her dog in the crate on the garden while she cleaned the pen but less than 10 minutes later the dog had mess in the crate. She says she doesn't know what to do can you offer some advice so she can keep her dog but not have the mess to wake up to? Thank you any advice welcome
  13. I'm thinking how nice taboo is and what can i eat
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