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  1. Can't seem to catch anything unusual at the moment. Was hoping for an albino cat, Zander or a big Eel to be honest.
  2. Some good Bream in Nethermoor lake at RVCP, but very deep water, and location is key.
  3. Fished the night last night trying to get some of the more 'elusive' residents of the pond, but not much success, other than a nice Bream (maybe 4lb) on lobworms fished just past the drop off on a running rig. A few Perch this morning on tiny spinner. Aiming to get proof of some of the species by Christmas, photos are no problem these days, we all carry a good camera in our phones!
  4. So, the forum has been around a while now. What is your favourite thread of all time, and why?
  5. Are there any mobile welders in Sheffield? I have a Talbot Express van, and need a couple of inner wing repair panels welding in. Really struggle to trust garages these days, especially with older cars/vans.
  6. Can't remember exact features on far bank off top of my head, but they'll be marked on my map. I had some good Perch there, but none anything like 3lb. Had some good times there as a kid, learning to fish hemp and tares just where the marginal shelf drops off, and had some really good Roach. Had my first true silver Bream from there as well, on bread intended for the Roach, which I spent a good couple of seasons targeting before moving on to other species.
  7. To be honest, I got 48ft in the deeper channel, and had a 1ft drop between lead and float with a running bead to keep everything free, so should be 49ft. However, I accept that if you were in a boat right above each mark you plumbed, then your result is more accurate! Have you fished it?
  8. Simes303, interesting to hear about your plumbing of the depth. I agree with most of your topography of the lake bed, but are you certain you covered it all? My own plumbing of it showed a deeper pocket, running roughly North to South South West. The pocket is probably 8 to 10 meters wide at the SSW end, and maybe 15 meters wide at the N end, which is where you should be seeing around the 50 feet mark. Of course, I am happy to be corrected on this, you clearly know what you are doing, and my own research was done only from the bank using a long range marker rod, coupled with a decent casting reel, but I did spend a full day doing it. Will try and scan my hand drawn map in for you to look at. One possible explanation is that at that distance, undertow created a large bow in my line, making depth appear greater than it actually is. I suppose the same phenomenon could have led to inaccurate mapping of the deeper pocket as well. Whilst on the subject, has anyone fished it recently?
  9. Last time I mentioned this, I got removed from here, but here goes... Who remembers the tunnel that goes from the woods in Gleadless Valley to Heeley? And in the late eighties when the military police closed the woods off whilst they did some work there?
  10. Oh it exists. Was a popular thread back in mid 2000s, included a lot of talk about the Sheffield Incident. I once posted in it, talking about the tunnel that went from the woods in Gleadless Valley, to Heeley, but the post got removed.
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