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  1. put hemp in flask about 1inch from top fill with boiling water but on lid leave over night you can add bicarb,chilly,curry powder if you want or put a clove of garlic in this is best way to do it and no smell water can be used in ground bait if you are using it.
  2. parramores made rain water gutters & pipes,general engineering castings,vices & clampes.in the war they made shell cases.my father maurice taylor was the works manager up to them closing in 1981.graham parramore lived in oughtabridge,another part of the parramore family lived on the corner of main street grenoside.
  3. yes i think they did they played on the football pitch at the back of the british legion in chapeltown.
  4. parramores closed the cast iron foundry in 1981,the tool division carried on in scotland street sheffield,mr graham parramore was in charge at the time it closed with his son alex,mr w priddam ( graham parramores son in law) took over the tool division.the football team was run by the sports and social club.
  5. ecclesfield comp was two schools ecclesfield grammer and hunshelf that became one school around 1966 spent my first year at brackenhill then to greengate lane for about 6 months untill hunshelf was finished i left in 1968
  6. get hemp from pet shop and do it yourself all you want is an old vacume flask half fill with hemp fill withboiling water leave over night job done
  7. mid sixties was my time in there
  8. the snooker hall was back of chemist then changed to royal mail sorting office now dole office
  9. there was also some pigstys at the back of boltons bakery
  10. potter hill camp was on same site as angram bank estate is now american soldiers was on there
  11. looking to go fishing sometime next week be nice to find someware with some big bream in
  12. the chapel jewellers sheffield £21.62 per gram
  13. hi i worked in jcb dept left in 1975 there was mick gosney,brian titerton,stuart grayson,john ? (smooth),me graham taylor,glyn ? (lip), + a few more was lewis holmes the sign writer ?
  14. hi john is fine thank you for asking i am his mum i remember dennis ,john,ann,whitely my grandma mrs cook lived in next to the end house and was unable to walk,connie lived in the end house do you remember rose murphy,lynn tattersall,alfie,dennis,rene denial?
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