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  1. All 5 HWRC's in sheffield will take textiles for recycling
  2. All the 5 recycling sites in Sheffield do not permit LWB vans on site. However you can use a SWB or MWB van by booking it on. However you are only allowed 3 visits per year unless you apply for a permit which entitles you to 13 visits per year. This can be done by calling 01142734567
  3. Yes it is but after a while you will just forget what the left hand is doing and concentrate more on the right hand. Sounds strange I know but it just happens.
  4. I do I have a Korg Triton Extreme. Have played them for over 30 years. You will soon pick it up. Enjoy
  5. Thanks. It was indeed the airbus berluga. Thanks to all for enlightening me
  6. Big and looked like it had three levels to it like a double Decker bus with a third floor if that makes any sense ? But it only had really small stubby wings.
  7. This wasn't a light. It was definatly an aircraft of some sort but never seen anything like it. Was even way too big to be a military drone. Made no sound whatsoever and was moving in a perfect line. No deviation or movement at all.
  8. Did anyone else happen to see the aircraft flying across the sky around 11.00 am today? It was very big and made no sound at all. Me and a few others saw it flying over blackstock road recycling centre but none of us could make out what its was.
  9. The places you plan to visit are perfect. My wife is also American (New Jersey). She fell in love with the place and now lives here.
  10. Hi. Hope this helps.http://www.mds975.co.uk/Content/Lowe_HF225_Technical_Service_Manual.pdf
  11. Have a look at this http://fixpcnyc.com/how-to-fix-unarc-dll-or-isdone-dll-errors/
  12. Google warriors always jump on to the subject of bad CAP's. It is impossible to tell without testing.It could be any number of things.
  13. Totally agree with what Ghozer as stated...
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