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  1. hilsborough open new swimming pool call swill. http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/06_02/ShefWedsFlood_468x312.jpg :hihi:
  2. I use t-cut but the scratch is too deep.
  3. hi, does anyone know a place with one of them disc scratch removers in sheffield? my fifa 08 wont work.
  4. was just wondering if the rod stewart look alike still works at the sheffield interchange, not seen him for a few months always brought a smile to my face when I saw him . he seems pretty helpful too when I have seen him with people there, always "chirpy"
  5. I was not asking which one is the best I was saying how I think no1 is on a downfall. yet another bit of great moding...
  6. an1 noticed a downfall of no.1 recently? it has not always been the best but it has been nice for what you pay saying its all you can eat, but recently it does not seem to taste as nice and they put less and less food out, take longer to replace things. or is it just me?
  7. crap service, seems to happen alot in this country too many people that cant do their job right!!!
  8. you mean that freak with the tatoos and the funny voice? (cracks me up every time) any1 seen that bird with the tattoo of herself on her arm? I think she might be in love with herself how sweet!!
  9. am I right in thinking at cash genorator, the option "reserve paying" is where you do not get your item until you have fully paid for it?
  10. anyone know if chesterfield college is open tomorrow? heard that is a reward for good inspection results from a couple of weeks ago it is closed, then again heard it is open.
  11. anyone know if chesterfield college is open on monday? heard it is closed but also heard it is open. many thanks Nick
  12. think I may have to go back there with a big bag collecting them all back
  13. I think they are a great board for wednesday, thats why I voted
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