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  1. Hi does anyone know if the new Secondary School proposal has been agreed yet - on the former banner dale/ Abbeydale Grange site? I saw in some previous reports they were looking at it becoming an academy? Any updates?
  2. Hi does anyone know if you can put a mattress in skip or are there restrictions? Thanks
  3. No User Name- can you explain what you mean, sorry lol
  4. Just been to timpson they want £129 ! I was told by O2 that even though it's 2 weeks old if I have not paid insurance then I'm not covered! Boo
  5. Hi sorry if this is in the wrong place, my day is going from bad to worse, I have only just got this phone and don't ask me how but I have cracked the screen straight across! Should I stop using it as it could make it worse and does anyone know anywhere that repair screens ! Thanks Fi
  6. Personally I don't think you can beat either amigos or uncle sams
  7. What about chatsworth house? I marred there in 2012! Amazing !
  8. Mod Note: Please post in the Give Away section of the Classifieds forum Closing. Thank you.
  9. Hi can anyone recommend a qualified, reliable, modern mobile hairdresser please? Thankyou
  10. http://www.24audio.co.uk/ Amazing guys had them for my wedding last year !
  11. Hi try these guys, I had them last year for my wedding I can't recommend them enough !! http://www.24audio.co.uk/
  12. Try balmoral cars we hired them in July for our wedding, excellent!
  13. Hi there I got married this ŷear and booked 24degrees from Barnsley, they were amazing, very professional and super value my guests are still talking about them now! There site is http://www.24audio.co.uk/ You won't be disappointed!
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